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  1. Noticed that Malwarebytes Premium 4.6.6 will not update to latest package version. Even after >5 retries to do so. Currently on package version 1.0.77884 with component package version of 1.0.2201. Ran Malwarebytes Support Tool After successful "Repair Process Complete", running "Check for updates" still doesn't rev the package version. Created through tool this ticket dated today: Malwarebytes Support ticket 4459439 (logs uploaded) Thanks, Frank
  2. I've not seen any updates since September 21st at 10:15 a.m. I've submitted a ticket. Submitted logs. No. This is not related in anyway to Google. Anyone else? Frank
  3. Why then is the forum shutting down all discussion on the update issue?
  4. David Lipman has stated that the issue reported Wednesday 09/21 "Resolution of today’s web filtering issue" has been resolved. This post is outside the scope of the community's interest in hearing from a Malwarebytes Admin on when updates to Malwarebytes Premium will resume: This response today is not garnering any support of Malwarebytes Premium users as that it doesn't state what Malwarebytes is doing to solve the no update problem: "This is a Quality Control corrective measure. Due to the preponderance and prevalence of malware and malicious activity Malwarebytes will resume ASAP but within the constraints of its corrective measures. In other words... Please practice patience." Can we please get a Malwarebytes Admin to respond to this issue with measures on how to resume normal daily updates? Thanks, Frank
  5. I'm experiencing no updates since Wednesday 09/21 at 10:15 AM MST. It's now 09/23 and still no updates.
  6. Malwarebytes could change the pop up message to be more consistent with the issue. Like: "We're having server issues. We're working on it. Download mpupdatedb64.exe to keep your system protected till we get the issue resolved." Just sayin.
  7. I was able to get the mpupdatedb64.exe to work for me. Had to download 7 Zip File Manager first. Haven't used that for a very long time.
  8. No need to run the diagnostics. It's the same problem reported 3 weeks ago. It's your servers on the fritz.
  9. It's back. Settings update repeated failure again. Started today. See screenshot and just refer to my previous topic from just weeks back: Please reboot your servers. Also the helpful hint to install the latest update from the file mpupdatedb64.exe fails to extract. No help at all on Windows 11 Pro. Again, please advise when your company has fixed their servers. Frank
  10. Check for updates failed right after the scan. As I suspected. See attached screenshot from this morning.
  11. I've attached my latest version screenshot below. I ran a custom scan and included to check for rootkits and all drives. That completed successfully. I then selected update in About and received a acknowledgement that my system is up to date. I'll wait till tomorrow to see if the update is still working and report back.
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