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  1. Very helpful and patient. Thanks for taking the time to assist me with my problem.

  2. very helpful and patient guy, thank u

  3. I'm an old-timer and Fred is a youngster (insert smile). Fred is extremely knowledgeable, polite, and most of all, patient.

  4. Very helpful guy with a lot of understanding. Thank you for all your assistance with removing the viruses and malware that was infected on the system.

  5. Thanks so much for helping me you are awesome!! I APPRECIATE THIS SOOO MUCH!!! :-)

  6. Excellent to work with, always clear with the instructions and learned a few more things ;)

    Thx D ;)

  7. Very nice guy with very strong techiqucal skills.

    Thanks a lot for your help. It is a great work.

  8. top notch support and help!

    thanks for all your help :D

  9. I posted this in the forum where D-Fred-Brown was helping me but I want to be sure anyone can see it so I'm going to repost here. He deserves a kudo or two.

    Can't say enough good about Mr D-Fred-Brown. Very good at what he does to help and if he doesn't know he's not afraid to tell ya he has to get advice from appropriate people. Very personable and easy to talk to. ...

  10. I'm baaaaaccckkk! Your worst nightmare huh? :)

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