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  1. Brilliant. Thanks very much for taking time to reply so thoroughly. Glenn.
  2. Morning all, I've had zero luck with answers to two separate tickets to these questions so, hopefully, someone here will be able to help (though if this has been an example of the level of support BEFORE we buy our licenses ...) I imagine to someone in the know, the questions are straightforward (this is the text pretty much as sent to support): Would you recommend running alongside another AV product? Can we fully control the MalwareBytes installations from a single MalwareBytes Endpoint Protection console (we have 2 geographically separate offices)? We have no formal network at either office (Domain or Workgroup) in place. Would we have access to the full functionality of the cloud console given all our PCs are effectively "standalone" (Asset Management, installs & re-installs, definition updates, scan scheduling, Virus removal etc.)? We have assumed we would need Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection but what is MalwareBytes Endpoint Security? We were really asking for reassurance that the Console doesn’t require a formal network and that our collection of (what are effectively) standalone PCs can be managed by the Console. Regards, Glenn.
  3. Would it be a handy feature if there was an option to automatically add exclusions for selected AV products? These exclusions could be added/removed by the standard Update feature. For example AVAST <> MalwareBytes. Have MalwareBytes detect the presence of AVAST and give the user the option to not scan its exe's/drivers/Programdata. It would need thought over notifications from AV suppliers and there maybe a day or two delay in getting an updated list out, but, its certainly no worse than the bun fight it is now.
  4. Is there a list of exclusions to plug into MalwareBytes for Avast?
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