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  1. I still do not know why it did not work the first time but I was finally able to activate my license. Thank you and consider the issue resolved. Greetings
  2. I do not want to publish the records in a public forum. So I took the liberty of sending it in PM. I appreciate your understanding. Thank you
  3. Hi, Four months ago I registered my licenses in My Malwarebytes account, they are two licenses for life that my grandfather acquired years ago and he gave them to me with pleasure. It has always worked for me since about two years ago. Until the day that today I wanted to activate the license in another pc. Obviously I deactivated the license on the PC I was on. So when I try to activate, I get a "Installation Token Not Found" message. Which surprised me because when checking in My account the license is available (1 of 1). I put the key manually but it did not work, apparently it accepts the key but it is not activated. I went to my account and tried to activate with the activation wizard and it does not work either. What should I do?
  4. Hi, It turns out that this morning I did a threat scan. At the end I found four dawns and asked to quarantine, which I did and then asked me to restart my PC. So far so good, but then when I tried to open Google Chrome it was no longer valid. I got notifications that could not load multiple extensions, reinstall and even then I could not open it normally. Fortunately, I always create a restore point before making any changes or updates on my pc. So I restored system and now Google Chrome works normally. I also realized that the four threats placed in quarantine today are no longer there. I am sure that if I go back to analyze and do the same, I would go through this again. What should I do? Your help. Thank you.
  5. Oh, this was already worrying me. So, I followed your instructions to the letter and finally I was able to activate "Web Protection" without any inconvenience. Obviously I hope that in future updates it will be possible to carry out a better solution, but for now, it is more than enough. Thanks for your time ? Greetings.
  6. Exactly, I can not activate it. As I said this happens in my 2 pcs, one with Windows 8.1 and the other with Windows 10. It should be mentioned, that I am up to date on Windows Update. I also ran the sfc / scannow command in case of doubt and everything is in order. The drivers also have them updated. And if that were not enough, they are free of viruses. Obviously everything is correct in my pcs. Relamente I do not know what happens. This happened yesterday that Avast was updated. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  7. Can anyone help me? Malwarebytes is not able to activate "Web Protection" it only remains off, no matter how many times the button is clicked or exit the "Web Protection" program will not be activated. Doing a few tests on my PCs, I can now say that I am 100% sure that the problem is incompatibility between Malwarebytes and Avast. Can it be a problem between the "Web Shield" of Avast together with the "Web Protection" of Malwarebytes? Is someone else going through this? or is it my problem only?
  8. Obviously, there is a conflict between Malwarebytes and Avast. I have returned to the previous version of Avast on one of my PCs with Windows 10 and everything works without any problem. However I wonder if there is any alternative for this problem. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. By temporarily disabling Avast I could finally activate "Web Protection". But here's a new problem ... By enabling Avast again, Malwarebytes crashes just like the Windows desktop and I have to force my PC to shut down manually. I have also added the respective exclusions to Avast and without any changes. I can not activate "Web Protection" without affecting my system.
  10. Regards, Well, it turns out that today there was an update of my Avast antivirus which I did and everything seemed perfect. Until recently I had to disable the "Web Protection" of Malwarebytes and there my problem arose. When trying to reactivate the "Web Protection" does not work and if that was not enough, the Malwarebytes user interface does not respond. I tried to finish the process through the task manager and it does not work either, and doing it instantly also hangs the latter. Which leads me to do a manual shutdown of my pc. This happens in my 2 pc. My questions are ... Is there a list of exclusions for both Malwarebytes and Avast? o What is the cause of this serious problem? Attaching the respective registers of both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Thankful in advance. mbst-grab-results.zip mbst-grab-results.zip
  11. I have the same problem BSOD "DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL" reported by several users in the forum I have Windows 8.1 and this started happening today Every time I suspend my laptop to resume the error comes out This has happened 2 Sometimes not mentioning that the first time this happened, Malwarebytes did not start, after several attempts I finally succeeded, but here a new problem, in the tab "About" in the section "Version of the package of components" had the 1.0.0 Try to manually install component updates, restart my pc and also exit Malwarebytes but there was no effect, so I had to reinstall Malwarebytes to correct this error and now it is displayed correctly v.1.0.374. The second time it was not necessary to reinstall Malwarebytes, but I'm worried about what this type of error is. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Hello, I recently installed the new update MB3.5.1. I commented that the problem mentioned above was finally solved. This new version works great on my system, and the new interface is much more professional and easy to use. My most sincere congratulations to all the staff that make up MB for giving us this new version. Greetings.
  13. Of course, however it would be for next week since in this one I will be quite busy. Greetings
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