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  1. Sorry for the delay. Well ... Today I decided to open Malwarebytes and fortunately I have not had any blocking so far. But what I have verified is that disabling Malwarebytes for a certain time and then re-enabling it, automatically the problem is solved. I don't know exactly why this is? Maybe it could be a conflict with my antivirus, a bad configuration in Windows or who knows what? I will keep you informed if something happens.
  2. Again informing you that I have returned to present locks on my pc. So I did what worked for me before (uninstall and install) but unfortunately this time it didn't work. I currently have Malwarebytes ( - 1.0.931) I still do not understand why I did not have bugs in previous days. For now, I have disabled Malwarebytes and everything in order so far. Still I would like it to work as expected. Your help please. Addition.txt FRST.txt 061020-26046-01.dmp 061020-27203-01.dmp 061020-38562-01.dmp
  3. Currently my pc is running Avast along with Malwarebytes ( - 1.0.931) active. I think reinstalling made the problem go away. I hope so, however I will keep you informed if anything happens again. Thanks everyone for your help.
  4. In fact that was the first thing I did and I also disabled my internet to prevent this from happening, but Malwarebytes was simply updated when activating my internet. I do not know why?
  5. I have installed the version you provided, however this version lacks "dark mode" it is not relevant but I like to use this mode. And unfortunately Malwarebytes was automatically updated to the current version. So I uninstalled it and later installed version - 1.0.920. I just hope it doesn't update again. I do not know what else to do. Any suggestion?
  6. I don't understand what happened, I followed the recommended steps but Malwarebytes was automatically updated ( - 1.0.931) so I'm afraid my pc will crash again. For now I can only exit Malwarebytes until a more stable update comes out, at least for me. Greetings
  7. Done, I just installed the previous version ( - 1.0.920) which worked perfectly for me before updating. I hope it does not present any problem. Thanks
  8. Unfortunately it did not work, the error persists. I think for now the best thing is not to open Malwarebytes until there is a solution or maybe I'll go back to a more stable version.
  9. Ok, I'm going to do it. I hope everything goes correctly.
  10. I would not like to uninstall Avast. As I mentioned the problem arose after I updated the Malwarebytes components (v.1.0.931). The problem goes away when I exit Malwarebytes. In fact, I am using the pc and obviously I closed Malwarebytes and until now I have not presented any problem. Maybe it's some kind of specific conflict with my pc?
  11. That's Ok. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks FRST.txtAddition.txt
  12. I have sent you a PM with the requested logs. Thanks
  13. Unfortunately when trying to get the logs the Malwarebytes support tool gives me an error (attached image). I hope your help 053020-42562-01.dmp 053020-25500-01.dmp 053020-26687-01.dmp 053020-28390-01.dmp
  14. It all happened after I did it. There is a total crash of my pc and then it gives a blue screen. So I assumed that the cause was Malwarebytes and it was, after having closed I have not returned to present this problem. I did one more test to verify if the culprit was Malwarebytes, I ran it and after a while it presented a blue screen. I am sure that the new update of Malwarebytes components is the cause since before doing it everything worked perfectly. The error is: "dpc watchdog violations windows". Your help
  15. Hi, Thanks for the help, but fortunately I managed to eliminate the threat with my antivirus. You can take this problem for granted. Greetings.
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