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  1. I just ran the scan again and it found 6 malware now. So quarantined them and had to reboot. Rebooted, deleted them from quarantined, rebooted, rescanned and nothing. Thank you so so much for your help You were amazing. Thank you
  2. I first tried to reset Edge, followed all the steps and then rebooted my laptop. The scan still detected the 2 Trojans, so I tired the repair option. Followed the steps and rebooted the laptop and it is still detected by the scan
  3. I have uninstalled all other browsers other then Edge and have turned off the syncing function and also have reset my Edge browser but still is showing up during my scans and is not being removed
  4. Hi Nasdaq, Thank you for taking the time to look into this for me. I uninstalled CCleaner through the control panel like you instructed but I decided not to reinstall it, don't know if that will effect anything but wanted to let you know. I downloaded the fixlist.txt and saved it to the same folder as where the Farbar tool is running. When I opened FRST a pop up opended that said Failed to update (4). I clicked ok and then clicked fix and waited like you said till it was done. It did require a restart, so I restarted it and ran Malwarebytes again but the trojans were still there. I clicked the link for Chrome Secure Preferences detection always comes back that you provided and followed the steps but it still persists. Fixlog.txt
  5. Two days ago my computer started running really slow, so i did a scan with Windows Defender and found nothing. So I ran malwarebytes and it found 2 Trojan.Roraccoon's. Went through the process like normal, select the two malware and click quarantine selected. Malwarebytes says it quarantined them but needs to restart. Restart computer and when i run the threat scan again they are found again. I ran FRST and attached the FRST.txt and affition.txt and also attached the export log of my last scan. Im hoping someone could help me please Thank you James FRST.txt Addition.txt report.txt
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