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  1. Hi everyone, Unfortunately, travel until the new year is going to keep me away from the computer which had this problem. I'll report back in 2019! Cheers, Tim.
  2. It's back. After 5 days of running cleanly, the problem returned on Thursday morning. Exactly the same symptoms as before. Disabling Ransomware Protection returned the computer to normal operation.
  3. That was quick! Thanks. I've got the new version installed. I'll let it run for a few days and report back. Tim.
  4. Ok, the problem is back after a number of days without any issues. I'm attaching the mb-support logs. Tim. mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. @dcollins So, of course (:-), having left Ransomware protection off for a day, I've re-enabled it and the problem is not occurring. I'll leave it on, and post the logs if/when it returns. Thanks for the follow-up. Tim.
  6. I also have this problem. Even for a very simple action such as opening a toolbar folder on the c:\ drive, I get high mbamservice.exe CPU usage (it maxes out 1 core) and the screen freezes for 2-3 seconds. The problem goes away if I switch off real-time Ransomware protection. Windows 7 pro; Malwarebytes version:; Component package: 1.0.421; Update package: 1.0.6509 The only slightly unusual thing about my setup is that I have an Intel Raid 1 array.
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