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  1. Hi there, I want to learn more about viruses, detection, .... however I'm student and I have not known basic knowlegde yet. So can you give me some recommendation about ebook, online courses? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for your explaination, I understood a little bit. Can you give me some keywords to search more?
  3. I just wonder why virus engines can detect the file which was infected and the name and type of malware infected that file
  4. Thank you for reply! But as you said, a checksum value can be used to represent a particalar file, so how can we detect which malware that infect into file? For example: If we have a infected file, how can we detect that it was infected and which malware infected through checksum? And if we upload that file onto virustotal.com, how it detects malware?
  5. Hello you guys, I'm a student. When I study malware, I wonder how we can detect a file that was infected? I google and then knowing that, AV, and some sandboxs detect malware through hash256. Howerver, I can not understand how it works. Please help me know, how we can hash a file then compare with hash database? Thanks for reading!
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