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  1. Okay thanks. I went ahead and did as instructed. Thus far windows defender seems to be remaining enabled. I kind of liked having malwarebytes info in the security center, purely for conveniences sake. But I suppose as long as i'm ensured MWB is actually still working as intended I guess i'll deal with that. Never had that problem with MWB being paired with bitdefender, so not sure why it's a problem with MWB+windows defender. Cheers.
  2. Until recently I used bitdefender with premium malwarebytes, but I allowed my bit defender subscription to end and thought I'd try using windows defender instead. But I renewed my malwarebytes subscription, so I have MWB and windows defender now. But I noticed window defender keeps get turned off in the windows security. I can turn it on again but it just seems to randomly turn itself off again without warning me. I read somewhere that it might possibly be malwarebytes turning it off, the info I read online said to turn off "always register malwarebytes in the windows security center" which is
  3. Both those websites work just fine for me. Must be something wrong at your end. To be honest though, I'd be quite grateful to malwarebytes if it did block CNN. :p
  4. Not sure what the OP is on about with this. I don't get any pop ups with MB premium? The only time I get any kind of "pop up" is when it concludes the daily scheduled scan, and if MB actually blocks a dangerous website for me. If you're seeing pop ups all the time in your browser you might be infected with something.
  5. I have exactly this problem also. I almost made my own thread about it before seeing this. I don't know if turning off fast start up is something I want to do. I kind of like it when my pc is fast at doing things... I'd much prefer you fixed the problem with malwarebytes. It's not a major issue, but it's annoying. The actual live protection etc is still active even though it's not in the system tray?
  6. Okay thank you for your responses. I suppose it's worth upgrading it to premium then. I have to say, I do not like the interface for the chrome version. I wish it looked more like the windows version I am familiar with. But as long as it does the same thing I don't mind.
  7. Hi, I use premium malwarebytes on my windows 10 PC and think it's great. My mother just recently got hold of a chromebook and it already had malwarebytes installed on it with the free premium trial active. But It looks different to my copy on my pc. I am wondering if the chromebook version is different in appearance than the widnows version or if I have a dodgy copy installed. Also do chromebooks really require real time scanning? If so I might actually buy a years protection.
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