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  1. Thank you. I will remember to create my own topic next time, thought I was being helpful putting it here. Have a good day!
  2. Browser guard is also blocking login.live.com Website blocked due to phishing Website Blocked: login.live.com v2.6.25 | Heuristics: phishing I get that message when trying to log into my hotmail account (microsoft) Was fine yesterday, started happening this morning.
  3. I was going to make a thread about this. Glad to see i'm not alone. Annoying bug.
  4. Okay that is good to know. Thank you have a good day.
  5. This happened to me also, I have premium but the browser guard was show device scruity as using free version. The only way I could fix this was uninstalling firefox and reinstalling. Then add the browser guard again. Now it's showing fully active and sees I have premium. Bit worrying, I wonder how long it's not been fully protecting my system?
  6. Oh, the event happened for me at 4:08pm and I guess malwarebytes updated 10 minutes later without me realising it? Okay thanks.
  7. Malwarebytes just popped up telling me it had blocked this trojan after I simply opened up firefox to duckduckgo search. And yes I do have my malwarebytes updated to the latest version. Just letting you know quite a few people are getting this suddenly recently. I assume it's nothing to worry about?
  8. If I go into settings and security and then turn off "always register malwarebytes in the windows security center"? I wanted to make use of windows defender as well, but I read that for windows defender to use live protection I would need change the above mentioned setting to off. But I have malwarebytes premium and would also like that to be fully protecting my device with the live protection. So I'm just wondering does malwarebytes not showing in the windows security screen mean malwarebytes is not fully able to protect the computer or is it still fully there in the back ground? It's still in the system tray. Just asking to be 100% sure because if I had to choose one or another I'd pick MWB premium over defender but it would be nice to have both working at the same time. Sorry if this is a silly question but I'm not 100% sure. Thanks for any help.
  9. Do I need to check my e-mail for the ticket response? So now this is going to be an ongoing thing for possibly a week just to get my money back? I won't being using this software again when my new subscription is finished next year.
  10. Ticket sent. You guys need to get rid of that stupid pop up that warns you about needing to confirm your details then ends up tricking you into creating a new key. I had better things to do with my morning than to deal with this nonsense.
  11. So yes to confirm, it miss sold me another subscription when I followed the instructions from the malwarebytes pop up, then when I went to my e-mail and followed the instructions from there, it updated the correct subscription. And in my bank I see 2x 29.99 charges.
  12. I logged on this morning and was given a pop up notification from malwarebytes that a problem had occurred in the auto renewal process for my yearly subscription. I have no idea why that would be the case because when my debit card expired and a new one was given to me, i made sure to update the details months in advance. But I followed the instructions from the pop up and it wanted me to enter in my details, and it changed me. And gave me a key number, but it's a different key number than the current one, so i was confused, then i logged into my email and saw an email saying to confirm my details again, then it gave me a message saying success, renewal updated and gave me another key code. So I just checked my bank and I have 2x £29.99 going out! I'm really annoyed with this, first off why was there a problem with my details? I updated them ages ago, it should of smoothly charged me for my sub without bothering me. And secondly, why did it create a whole new subscription when I was following the instructions from the pop up? Why didn't it just tell me to check my damn e-mail and just fill in the data? I really do not need this hassle in the morning. I've always been very happy with your product and it's never bothered me when taking payment before. I would like this corrected please.
  13. Okay thanks. I went ahead and did as instructed. Thus far windows defender seems to be remaining enabled. I kind of liked having malwarebytes info in the security center, purely for conveniences sake. But I suppose as long as i'm ensured MWB is actually still working as intended I guess i'll deal with that. Never had that problem with MWB being paired with bitdefender, so not sure why it's a problem with MWB+windows defender. Cheers.
  14. Until recently I used bitdefender with premium malwarebytes, but I allowed my bit defender subscription to end and thought I'd try using windows defender instead. But I renewed my malwarebytes subscription, so I have MWB and windows defender now. But I noticed window defender keeps get turned off in the windows security. I can turn it on again but it just seems to randomly turn itself off again without warning me. I read somewhere that it might possibly be malwarebytes turning it off, the info I read online said to turn off "always register malwarebytes in the windows security center" which is located in settings> security>windows security center. But if I do that, I get a worrying message in windows that virus protection has been turned off. I'm not sure if it diminishes MWB ability to protect my PC or not. I just want both MWB and windows defender to play nice together in the security center. It's really puzzling because windows defender does seem to work with MWB when i turn it on, but it keeps turning off. Is there anything I can do to stop it from turning off without removing MWB from the security center? Thanks.
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