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  1. Hey Ron Thanks for getting back to me regarding my problem, though as some time has passed since I made this post I've already sought out support elsewhere and have dealt with the issue. For future reference however, it seems that MAGIX purchased a company called Simplitec at some point and sometimes bundle trials for Simplitec's software with their own. This is what Malwarebytes had identified. I chose to remove it in the end as it had no bearing on the actual program I wanted to use, and I wasn't interested in purchashing it either.
  2. Malwarebytes recently found something called PUP.Optional.Simplitec and has quarantined it. Before removing it, I was wondering if anyone knew exactly what it was? It was found in the program files of MAGIX Music Maker 80's Edition which makes me wonder if it's part of that programs files, and so I'm hesistant to delete it. I've attached an image showing the exact file path and item that was quarantined.
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