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  1. I'm sure that you are right. When I talked to the Cleverbridge tech, they knew that I was using the Avangate screens. Anyway, thanks for the support and comments. I'm good to go for now.
  2. I have to say that Malwarebyte's customer service is awesome! I did open up a ticket, and they responded quickly. They asked me to provide some screen shots for the PayPal transaction (which was through Avangate), which I did. Then they provided a link for Cleverbridge, which worked well with PayPal. I successfully completed my purchase using the Cleverbridge route. I had asked that they also help me "inactivate" the auto-renew, and that was done today. So, I am set. What probably remains an issue, is the PayPal purchase currently available through Avangate. The website and the application currently point to Avangate. There doesn't seem to be a way to navigate by yourself to Cleverbridge. So until they resolve this, it will still be an issue. Unless they decide to swap out the Avangate link and put the Cleverbridge link on the site until the issue is resolved. In any case, my current issue is resolved. I have an active license for Malwarebytes and I'm not on auto-pay. If anyone also experiences this issue, I suggest you open up a ticket. They will respond and help you.
  3. Thanks for the article. I have been having trouble with Avangate, and that is the one that I captured screenshots. I purchased through cleverbridge. Thanks.
  4. I had opened up a ticket with Malwarebytes and it is now being worked. I gave them some screenshots. But in the meantime, they sent me a link with the other business company that handles purchase transactions. This one works well with Palpal. Have any of you been successful in turning off auto-renew?
  5. The opt-out option is not offered during the purchase process with Paypal. It seems like this is something that has to be done after your purchase and after you have been set up as "auto Pay". Auto pay must be a default. After my experience, I think that Paypal needs to be set up as a single purchase only. Malwarebytes will notify you when you need to renew, so you will get a reminder. Anyway, hoping for a solution soon. I was using this in conjunction with Kaspersky (for the 14 day trial), and side by side, Malwarebytes caught more than Kaspersky did.
  6. That's a thought. So if it is an "auto-renewal" setting, then Paypal should only be allowed for a "one-time" charge. Which is fine with me, as I don't want to auto-renew.
  7. Thank You. I tried a couple of things. I used Chrome and got the same results. I then cleared the cache in Firefox and tried again, and got the same results. I just cleared the cache again for the next time. I am a developer too, and I know that testing in-house may produce different/controlled results. It might be difficult, but if you are able to actually try a "real" transaction with a real Paypal account to reproduce the issue, that would be great. I really did get in touch with both Avangate and Paypal. The Avangate rep was no help as they are not an IT person. But the Paypal guy did say that maybe there is a setting on your side or Avangate that needs to be set. Anyway, thanks in advance for looking into this.
  8. I got an email today from Malwarebytes telling me that I didn't complete my purchase thru Paypal and would I like to complete it. I clicked on it, and got another screen that directed me to Paypal. I thought...oh good, it must be fixed! Nope. Same thing. As soon as I enter my password for Paypal, the Paypal screen comes up....same thing. It asks for my credit card number. I know it did find me, as it does display my correct mailing address. But something is not right where it keeps asking for me to enter my credit card number when they already have it. I only have 1 credit card number on file with Paypal. Again, Paypal told me to "absolutely NOT re-enter my credit card info". So I clicked out of it, and then I got a message from the customer service director asking to rate how they did. I responded telling them that it was terrible, as the problem has not been resolved. I am attaching a screen shot of the paypal screen. Where my real info is displayed, I've encased it in a solid black box. You can see how it asks for my credit card info. Please fix this.
  9. For Malwarebytes: refer to Ticket: 2292558. I did a chat session with Malwarebytes and was told that I should call the payment processing company Avangate. Avangate told me that they are only a billing company and suggested that I call Paypal. So, I called Paypal. Interesting, as Paypal agreed with me that once logged into their site, I should never have to enter my credit card number or 3 digit code when doing a purchase. The agent suggested that I stay away from Malwarebytes and not purchase it, as this seemed shady. When I get to the Paypal site, it does ask me for my password, and it did find me as it displayed my mailing address. But, it seemed like it was not enough info/security credentials were provided from Malwarebytes/Avongate to Paypal to gain access to my credit card info I have listed in Paypal. The Paypal agent thinks that a setting on the Malwarebytes side needs to be set so that it will have enough info/security to get access. So it seems like Malwarebytes should do some testing on their side with Avongate/Paypal to actually do a purchase on Paypal to see what I'm talking about. Again, I was advised by Palpal to not complete the payment transaction as it was - that I should not enter my credit card info again. I have a dilemma now, as my trial period ended today, and I really like the product. I would like to purchase this, but after what happened, I will not enter my credit card info on their site. Please...someone at Malwarebytes....can you please test and then fix this issue? I do strongly believe that this is something on your side. At least Malwarebytes needs to take the lead and whether or not it is a setting on your site, Avongate or Paypal, Malwarebytes is the owner of this product and should make sure that their customers are able to purchase and use the product properly. Again, the beauty of using Paypal is so that we don't have to re-enter our credit card info online. I've had my identity stolen before, so that is why I try to use Paypal as much as I can, so I don't have my credit card number all over the place. We are all consumers and we would all like to be protected. So, I"m hoping a resolution will be found quickly so I can purchase this. Thanks.
  10. I clicked on the "Upgrade Now" button from the app. It takes me to https://www.malwarebytes.com/pricing/inapp/pc/v1/?ref=trial&qty=3&x-source=t_trial_071421&ADDITIONAL_x-source=t_trial_071421. Then I choose "buy" and it takes me to: https://estore.malwarebytes.com/order/checkout.php?PRODS=4716689&CART=1&CARD=2&ORDERSTYLE=nLWooJWpjHU%3D&AUTO_PREFILL=1&CLEAN_CART=ALL&OPTIONS4716689=1Y&OPTIONS4716553=1Y&quantity=1&QTY=1&SRC=US_VarC&ref=trial&qty=3&x-source=t_trial_071421&ADDITIONAL_x-source=t_trial_071421&__c=1 Here I enter my email address, name and zip code. Then choose to pay by "Paypal", and it brings up the paypal screen...which asks for me to enter my password. This all seems fine as that is what I"m used to seeing when I pay using Paypal. Paypal apparently finds me, cos it displays my home address. But, it asks me to enter my credit card number and 3 digit code. This seems odd and fishy to me, since Paypal already has this info. So, I"m reluctant to do this, as it tells me someone/something wants my credit card info that shouldn't have it, as Paypal already has my info. This seems shady to me.
  11. I am trying to pay using PayPal for a Premium Account for my Windows PC. But, when it goes to the PayPal screen, it asks for my credit card number. This makes me feel like a scam/spoof site is trying to gather my credit card number and 3 digit code. I'm unwilling to do this again, since it is supposed to be Paypal. I use PayPal so I won't have to enter that information. No other site that I've used Paypal for, has ever asked me to enter my credit card number. That totally defeats the purpose of using Paypal in the first place. How can I pay using PayPal for use only on the Windows PC and not have to enter my credit card info again? Thanks.
  12. I am trying to pay using PayPal for a Premium Account for my Windows PC. But, when it goes to the PayPal screen, it asks for my credit card number. I use PayPal so I won't have to enter that information. I saw the post about the Android and Google. But, this won't apply to me, as I am using this for/on a Windows PC. How can I pay using PayPal for use only on the Windows PC and not have to enter my credit card info again? And, based on the answer that you gave to WZZZ, it sounds as if the PlayStore will have my credit card info. I do not have an Android Device, nor a Play Store account. If this is the only way, is there a way for me to remove the recurring payment from the Play Store from my PC? It seems like way too much trouble, and I don't know how to use the Play Store. Am I going to have to resort to just entering my credit Card number instead of using Pay Pal???
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