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    Hmm, nothing like Apple for being transparent and keeping its users alerted to developments.
  2. Hasn't been updated since March. Any idea what's up with that?
  3. WZZZ


    My error, you are correct, the one explicitly showing Meltdown is for 10.13.1. For me somewhat confusing, since there are a number of others for 10.11-12 there with what I suppose could be called "Meltdown-like" vulnerabilities: "Impact: An application may be able to read restricted memory." But I suppose those are not chip/microprocessor related, therefore not Meltdown.
  4. WZZZ


    EDIT: gave misleading information above, re. the 10.13.2 supplemental. That supplemental is related to Spectre, but only insofar as it provides the Safari/WebKit updates which 10.11/12 also received. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208397
  5. WZZZ


    The several kernel related items noted for the 2017-002, 2017-005 security updates for 10.11/12, respectively, would appear to protect against Meltdown. (Maybe Spectre, as well??) -Impact: An application may be able to read kernel memory (Meltdown) -Impact: An application may be able to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges (Spectre??) my parenthetical -Impact: An application may be able to read restricted memory (Spectre??) my parenthetical https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208331 On the other hand, there's this appleinsider article, which suggests that that can't be taken at face value. http://appleinsider.com/articles/18/01/05/december-apple-updates-fixed-meltdown-spectre-vulnerabilities-on-older-macs Not sure what to think. 10.13.2 did receive a supplemental update, which appears to mitigate against Spectre. Nothing like that yet for 10.11/10.12. https://www.macrumors.com/2018/01/08/macos-high-sierra-10-13-2-spectre-fix/
  6. Curious to know if Malwarebytes is up to speed on this latest incarnation of OSX.Pirrit. More here.
  7. Thanks Nathan for the help with this. Think it's now pretty much sorted out. Since I'm a total neophyte when it comes to android cell phones (any kind of smart phone, for that matter), it's quite possible that I may have missed something during the initial setup, such as a button for "further details," but the entire payment process with Google, and perhaps to a lesser extent with Malwarebytes, was fairly opaque. Somewhere along the line it would have been very nice/ethical of Google (Malwarebytes as well, to some extent) to offer some kind of clear notice or forewarning that by giving my PayPal info, I would be agreeing to have the Play Store set up a preapproved, recurring PayPal authorization--meaning that I was authorizing any and all future Play Store purchases through my PayPal account. I think I should have been given the option of using PayPal (or my c card, for that matter, if things behave similarly with that choice) just this once. E.g., if I buy something at Amazon, even though they may have my c card on file, I have the choice to select that card, or not, for any given purchase.
  8. Thanks for that link. Now things are a little bit clearer. So questions: 1. I removed PayPal as payment method. What will happen at the expiration of the trial, will I be prompted for a new payment method to continue? 2. Now that there is no longer any payment method, what will happen, if anything, to my current Mb Premium trial? 2. PayPal has now been removed from Payment Methods. But at my PayPal account, seeing Google under "pre-approved payments." Seems why Google wanted the password. Now that PayPal has been removed as my payment method, seems logical that I should now go ahead and cancel. Pretty certain I don't want Google in PayPal pre-approved. 3. Finally, what is the annual cost for the Mb for Android license (single license)? And if I decide to pay now for a license, when does the annual period commence, is that after the expiration of the current trial or beginning with the date paid. Obviously prefer to have the annual period begin with the 30 day trial included, which would mean total 1 yr + 30 days.
  9. Editing not possible after logout: I wanted to add that one of the reasons I may often use paypal for online payment is that the originating site sends me there for confirmation, and never sees the payment method, paypal login or any sensitive data. That way, I can avoid yet another site having access to or storing my c card credentials. I don't know if I'm talking to someone here who can do anything about this directly, but I wonder if you might be able to refer this to someone who would be able to consider setting this up in this fashion in the future. Thank you.
  10. paypal password changed. Absolutely nuts that Malwarebytes asks for full login credentials--I don't care if you are using the best encryption in the universe, that is something that should never happen.
  11. Actually, another question: What would have happened had I checked "SKIP?" Didn't notice that option the other day, as I was up to my eyeballs in setting up this new cell phone. Would I have been allowed to continue with the trial, and then prompted for payment information at its expiration? If so, I suppose there's no way to go back for a do-over. I'm not all that happy about Malwarebytes, as reputable as you are, having my complete paypal account signin.
  12. There, I'm seeing "You're enjoying all Premium features for a month....," which I expected, since this should be the trial version. But that doesn't answer my question whether MB should have asked for payment information at start of trial, which it did, or only when trial expires. Thanks, but please clarify if this is normal or not.
  13. At initial setup for Premium trial, was asked for credit card or paypal. Was overwhelmed with setting up android phone for first time and gave complete paypal email + password. Wondering if this was legit, or if I was scammed? Thinking now that I should have been asked only at trial expiration for any kind of payment information.

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