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  1. i did see it but i did it on my monitors, you are truly one of the best people i seen. Thanks so much my brother, we should contact again!
  2. its always been in playback devices and device manager, but if i uninstall it. it takes a different driver to use!! LOL xD
  3. so i failed? aww no at least you did your job but here lets start it out. Lets do this the correct way, I can install a realtek driver if you send me the link to it...
  4. also i didnt get my brightness thing back
  5. hey i uninstalled the realtek audio driver, can you give me an version that works for the comp ability for windows 10?
  6. what generic driver? I put on show hidden devices and I got this.
  7. so do i go in apps and features to uninstall the driver?
  8. i updated my nvidia drivers, now whats next for the generic audio driver?
  9. and do you also know how i get my realtek audio driver back?
  10. im updating nvidia drivers, ill see how it goes.
  11. i will do it sir, ill do what you told me and ill let you know how it goes.
  12. are you sure because i am scared of doing this,.
  13. also my realtek audio hd manager is gone
  14. it also didnt fix the generic audio driver i am pretty sure i did it right but i dont see the realtek audio manager
  15. thank you So i been getting this generic audio driver situation on here so I am wondering how to fix it. Can you guys please help me with this? Also I have another problem where I can't lower my brightness
  16. i searched it up and there is no dell support assist
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