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  1. Hello there, So I have this malware that makes a popup to a porn site after I open Firefox browser (or possibly the computer) then disappears. I check the task manager. The popup opens a logo just like Firefox however the image is not the same and looks different. You can tell by the image I uploaded. I found out its location in my Appdata/Roaming/ComObj/update.exe Then I found out its also running a service which i will mention the name of it later after I give my laptop a restart Besides that I am assuming its a trojan of a sort as its simply is just running while your working or whatever. I disabled however it runs everytime i start up the laptop again. Now I will simply say that not one single anti-virus software or anti malware has detected it. I am sharing a copy of the file. I am an IT dude however I have no expertise when getting rid of something that cant be detected but I always do know when I am infected... I am new so please, If I have done anything wrong or posted this in the wrong place I apologize from now... Besides that any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated! Ur man THE RAGING IT dude update.7z
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