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  1. Glad that solution worked for you. The problem we're seeing is that MBAM allocates ALL RAM INCLUDING PAGE FILES and left running will crash the system & DAMAGE THE HARD DRIVE CONTENTS.
  2. Serious? You're this fukk'd up that this POS release wasn't tested before being dumped onto your user base? You're going to feel my "pain" because it was another piece of malware detection software that alerted me to the "odd behavior" of MBAMservice.exe wanting to allocate 16GB of fukk'n RAM. Congrats Malwarebytes: I've just classified your product as MALWARE and am doing a broadcast to all 118,481 clients with an immediate suggestion to UNINSTALL your product and treat it as a serious system threat. I am also forwarding this event info and the DAMAGE LOGS from a networked compute
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