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  1. @garioch7 I also have a micro sd card in my Note 8, but it does not have any apps on it and backing up apps is where I'd get the MBA alerts. All I have on my sd card is pictures and mp3s (that I do not back up). Good luck, I hope they get you squared away David
  2. Just to let you know. Smartswitch updated on my PC and does not trigger Malwarebytes anymore. For me at least, the problem seems to be fixed. I've backed up twice with no problems. I'm using Smart Switch 4.2.18014_6 running on Windows 10 Home. Backing up a Samsung Note 8, running Malwarebytes for Android Thanks
  3. I have the exact same problem. Ransomware alerts while Samsung Smart Switch is backing up my Note 8. Let my know what info you need. I'm a little disappointed to see how old this thread is and there still not be any fix. David
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