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  1. Good afternoon and Happy New Year! I *just* got a new laptop from Dell - Inspirion 7370 as my previous laptop was aging and seemed to have it's own infections. As soon as I signed into my Microsoft account to install everything, files that synced from prior computer appear to have installed on my new one. I can tell because the packages such as Microsoft Photos, Edge, etc. are named the same as my prior computer and they have dates all prior to when this my current laptop was even created. I've already gone through resetting, clean install, etc, but nothing thus far has worked. I have the option of sending this back to Dell for them to try to repair, but I'd be without my laptop for 12 days. I'm hoping that by posting here, if it is a malware issue, the fine experts might be able to save the time, money, and agony over sending this thing to Dell. I may end up trying to just send it back entirely if we don't make any headway here. So, I tried re-installing Malware Bytes (I have a premium account) but it could not connect and so I ran the MB-Clean which seems to not have been able to get uninstall it. I've pasted that log, as well as the FRST Log and Addition log. I look forward to working with an expert helper closely and will follow all instructions you provide - I know your time is valuable and I sincerely appreciate in advance any help I may receive. Thank you!! PhxGuy FRST.txt Addition.txt mb-clean-results.txt
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