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  1. I realized that I have web-protection-overkill: Malwarebytes' protection, Firefox's built-in protection, and -- most of all -- my own micromanagement of browser permissions via user.js, umatrix, and ublock origin. I decided to see if my (already fast) browser was any faster after removing two layers of protection. The problem of Malwarebytes' inflexible notifications was soon apparent. So far -- and this is as likely to be placebo as real -- my browsing experience feels faster. There's a pause between clicking a link and the moment that a page begins to load. The pause seems to be halved since I turned off Firefox Safe-Browsing and Malwarebytes' Web Protection. Browsing just feels a little snappier. I'll have to switch back after a few days or a week. Maybe repeat the process. I don't have a means of measurement. For now, I'm relying on blocklists for known malware, malvertising, & tracking domains; filter lists to process content; umatrix to grant fine-grained permissions; and sites like urlvoid.com, virustotal.com, and mywot.com to aid those decisions. Maybe I'm being foolhardy. I don't know.
  2. Hi Malwarebytes peoples, I prefer to turn off Web Protection but still use other protection modules. This causes a secondary safety problem as described by Malwarebytes' online help: This all-or-nothing approach creates either danger (if I disable notifications for all protection types) or coercion (if I must restore Web Protection for the sake of meaningful warnings of other types of protection failures). Please let us (optionally) tick off which protection modules should send notifications and alter the appearance of the system tray icon. Competing products (some, anyway) offer this choice. It would be nice -- and safer -- if Malwarebytes AntiMalware did too.
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