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  1. Thanks Aura, successfuly booted after clearing the malware, and that tmp.exe is not running either. Thanks alot for your time? Anyway I can upvote you or give a 5star rating?
  2. Had to do the rouge kill twice(i messed up 1st time). AdwCleaner[C0].txt rk_8B38(rouge kill 2).txt rk_B5C9(rouge kill 1).txt
  3. Here's the scan results. scan result malwarebyte 2017-10-07.txt
  4. Here the fix log after 2nd time farbar fix Fixlog.txt
  5. It detected some bitcoin mining virus but couldn't take the summary because the computer didn't boot. It just went into the recovery mode(blue screen) where I restored the computer. And after trying fix for first time panda security kept on detecting and removing a g****.tmp.exe every time I boot.(after fix and before installing malwarebyte)
  6. After running malware bytes and restarting my system won't boot, so I had to system restore to a point before the fabar fix was applied (it was the most recent system restore point available)
  7. Okay it looks like it worked. I will have to use the computer for about 2 days to make sure the tmp.exe virus doesn't run in background randomly. Also I removed the chrome extension. Thanks again. Fixlog.txt
  8. Tried disabling panda and running the mbar.cmd file but then it keeps on giving a endless loop of "not a malware byte file" error messages.
  9. Sorry for late reply, I am from Sri lanka with bad Internet (~500mb per week) When I downloaded the file it was detected as a virus(panda anti-virus). After bypassing that and extracting the files it says "not a malwarebyte file" after that it shows the message in the attachment. When I try to run the software windows10 says "app has been blocked for your protection". I can't bypass that warning. Have you guys moved away from farbar recovery software and moved to your own rootkit remover? Farbar work fine for me(just saying)
  10. I have that gBA0A.tmp.exe file running and I can't remove it. It doesn't seem to do anything but I don't won't it running. I read a old topic of someone else where he solved it using farbar recovery. As said in that topic I attached the FRST.txt and Additional.txt. Please help FRST.txt Addition.txt
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