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  1. Thanks so much; puts my mind at ease. Very kind of you to respond so quickly!!
  2. Thank you so much for responding to my post...I'm sorry if I didn't make the issue as clear as I should have...The new key and ID number are both entered when I open the app from the shortcut on the desktop and on the Manage My Subscription page and the info is correct on the latter. However, it still says my subscription expires in 4 days instead of a year from now on the desktop. Also, when I try and search the app from the Windows Start box, it tells me no such file (i.e., Malwarebytes 3.2.2) exists on my computer. I am afraid if I deactivate the current key/ID, I will end up with nothing
  3. Had premium subscription which expires in 4 days; Running Windows 7 Home with Mozilla. Paid for one-year renewal subscription. Copied and pasted ID number and Key. Have downloaded renewal and installed twice, Start Menu doesn't show it when searched, but when I click "About" on the actual program tab, Malwarebytes tells me that's what I am running. No matter what I try, when I open 3.2.2, message comes up that subscription expires in 4 days instead of one year from now. I have been working on this for three hours. Went to website; Tried to start chat; there is none on weekends. Sent email;
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