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  1. Hi exile 360 many thanks for your rapid and very informative reply it is greatly appreciated.Thats great news as that is the version ( running on my phone.I am really impressed and informed by your reply.Good luck with all your great work.You can consider this thread solved and closed. Sincere thanks FeeDee.
  2. Hi Guys.I received an upgrade for mbam inthe past few months which i have up and running satisfactorily thank you.My subscription also includes my Android phone.Just now i noticed that the phone is still running 3.7 and wish to know how to upgrade to 4.0.As usual your professional help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance of your help.👍
  3. No problem guys and thanks for your help every time.
  4. Hi Guys just posting to let you know that version 3.7.1 seems to be working good so far but then so did 3.6.I will continue to keep an eye on it and contact you if there any problems (hopefully not).For now we can close this topic.Thank you again for your continued support and good luck.
  5. Hi LiquidTension thanks for your comment.I will wait a few days and post back.
  6. Hi Porthos and thanks for the heads-up that is good to know.Hopefully this will help me with my problem.
  7. Hi All.My web protection turning itself off has surfaced again.as i said back in November i was keeping an eye on it and all was well for approx one month and afterwards it would happen,maybe,twice or three times a week.I was getting around the problem by clicking "quit mbam"on the task bar and opening the app afterwards.This was fine up to a few nights ago when the app opened as a black screen and "mbam not responding".I also found that i could not close the app until i was actually closing my computer.I was reading a few other reports on your forum of similar behaviour.I also noticed you now have 3.7.1 in Beta format but i am not sure about using Beta with any app.I took the liberty of using the mbam support tool and will attach the file below.I really hope there can be some permanent fix available.Many thanks for all your help in the past and good luck. mbst-grab-results.zip
  8. H mbam_mtbr Thank you for your reply and advice,it is greatly appreciated.I just checked the FAQ ans found nothing new to help me sadly.I will now proceed to contact support staff for further help.I will close this thread now and if I need to contact you I will start a new thread.Thanks again for your assistance. Kindest regards.
  9. Hi all.I was recently upgraded from one to three appliance cover.So far so good.On my android phone i downloaded mbam free version with option to upgrade to premium.I tapped the upgrade button and the first thing I see is an option to pay monthly/yearly which should not apply in my case as the company made the offer to me.Also I attempted to download on my firestick (4k) and this is crazy altoghter because it is telling me it is installed but the app is nowhere to be seen.Can somebody please cast some light on this for me if possible or advise me if i need to check elsewhere about it.Your expert advice will as usual be most appreciated and thank you in advance. Best Regards
  10. Hi exile 360 and thank you for your support and patience with this.I executed all the steps as advised in #7 above and thankfully all progressed without any hitches.Based on that I am hoping this is now resolved because it is really annoying.All I can do is keep an eye on things and hope once again we have a result.Thank you to you and to all the team for all your help,dedication and patience with all my problems.A great experience as always. Sincere thanks EDIT:Do you close this now as solved? Also just including a screenshot prior to uninstalling as it is identical to one posted to me.
  11. Hi exile360.Yes it did but it was not "clickable".I repeated the process tonight right after booting my computer and still no joy.I notice 3.6.1 is mssing on the attachment.
  12. Hi exile 360 and thank you for your contact and advice.I followed your steps for beta version but one or two points to puzzle )1 when I clicked on the beta version it gave the usual warning about beta and )2 it asked if I wish to install so I clicked it and scrolled to top of page as advised but the option to install updates was greyed out.I restarted my computer anyway and after the reboot it gave me the option to install but it returned a "no updates available" message and is still displaying 3.6.1 version......any ideas please. Best regards
  13. Hello again guys.i am back again sooner than expected.I have been keeping an eye on things and the same problem has returned twice in the past 4/5 days,the most recent being just before I wrote this.I can get it working by clicking the icon in the hidden icons on the task bar and click quit mbam.I the open the mbam app and all is well again (temporarily).As explained in the previous posts by you guys I have run the support tool and the file is included with this post.Many thanks for all your previous help and support and good luck with the logs. mbst-grab-results.zip
  14. Hi Firefox thank you for your reply and thank for all your help with this topic.I will continue to monitor it and hopefully all will be ok.Thanks again for all your help and advice and good luck with all your very important work. Sincere thanks to all who helped.
  15. Hi Firefox and AdvancedSetup apologies for delay.As requested I have undone all settings and restarted my computer.my screenshot on post #6 is the same now,so, I hope this means all is ok.the program seems to be performing normally as I write (fingers crossed).Can anyone tell me how many appliances I can use my licence on. Best regards
  16. Hi Firefox thanks again for your very helpful post.I checked out your instructions and found it was set to compatibility mode for xp.(screenshot included).do i change that to win7 and then unchek all.i will rely on your superior judgement and await your instructions.Many thanks again for your help and patience. Best Regards
  17. Hi Firefox thank you very much for your reply and the greeting.I regret to say I may have made an error.On first run of your instructions I clicked "Get Started" instead of "Advanced" which may have nullified the purpose of the exercise.I repeated the exercise but properly this time (but probably too late to make a difference) my apologies.I will send you both sets of logs and hope you guys can make sense of them.Thank you again for your help. Kindest Regards mbst-clean-results.txt mbst-grab-results.zip
  18. Hi guys sorry but I am back again with the "web protection off" notice.Approx two months ago I contacted you about the same problem.At that time I was advised to download version 3.6.1 which I duly did.All was working fine up to approximately 3-4 weeks ago when I got the dreaded notice (as in the post title).When I click the "turn on" link on the notice it generally works but not always.Another thing I have a problem with is:when I download a file and want to check it with mbam the program freezes with the "not responding" notice.This is very frustrating guys and I really hope you have a "permanent" solution for me.Thank you guys for all your very positive and friendly help in the past. PS:About the "freezing" mentioned above it is impossible to close the program when this happens.
  19. Hi exile360 posting back regarding my upgrade.I have monitored it over the past week or so and all is behaving as it should do.I cannot find any buttons on the forum page to mark this thread solved,but , i think you can consider it such.Many thanks again for all your help and your time it is very much appreciated as ever.Best of luck with your work. Regards to all.
  20. exile 360 thanks a million for the link.I have downloaded and installed it and hopefully it will be the cure-all.?Just as a matter of interest when i was on the download page i noticed two settings regarding updates and full version notification,both of which i have set to on.I am sure you know what i am referring to.Just curious to know why I didn't get such notification,since the first thing a scan does is search for updates.Anyway all is well as i type,and,i will monitor it over the next few days and let you know.Many thanks again guys for your help it is much appreciated as ever.
  21. Thanks a million guys for the usual prompt replies.I am only seeing these posts now as i was away from my computer.I will gladly download and install the update now.Thanks again guys this should be helpful.I will post back and let you know. Regards
  22. Hi Guys I am having this problem again.Last January i posted about my web protection turning off without good reason and it is doing the same again.I am running currently.Things i have tried to re-start the program are clicking on "quit malwarebytes" and re starting my computer which worked well for a few times but not now. i would be most appreciative of any help available to me.Please let me know if there any logs etc required.Many thanks in advance of any help.
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