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  1. Web Protection Off

    You are most welcome Porthos and team and once again many thanks for all your help.Just as a matter of interest i don't see any link to mark item "solved" on my side,but maybe you guys can do it from your side.
  2. Web Protection Off

    Hi sorry for the delay. the reason is I was monitoring my MBAM3 for the past few days,and, thankfully all seems to be fine.I want to say a huge THANK YOU to you Porthos for the attention you gave to this issue.I also want to say thanks to you dcollins for your contribution also.not for the first time this forum has come up trumps.it is the most responsive and helpful forum that i have ever visited...thank you all again.I am closing this thread and if i need any more assistance (hopefully not) i will start a new thread.Good luck all.
  3. Web Protection Off

    Thanks for your very fast reply Porthos.I presume what you are saying is to ignore that entry.Just completed a scan in the past minute or so and all seems fine,so,can i presume that is the case.
  4. Web Protection Off

    Hi All just completed the list of exclusions except for one.In the C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\ there is a file named malwarebytes_assistant.exe which is added.There is also a second file of the same name but without the .exe extension which i cannot find in the anti-malware folder.is it me or is this possible.The app is up and running normally again but i fear this might be a false positive for the simple reason i accidently started a scan last night but stoped it just after the check for updates and the "Awesome" report appeared so i will give it a few days before saying it is "cured" if that's ok with you guys.
  5. Web Protection Off

    Guys thank you both for all your informative tips,but i have included f secure already in my mbam exclusions.what i really want to know is how to include the list of exclusions provided for mbam as in #4.I really appreciate your efforts and thank you.
  6. Web Protection Off

    Hi Porthos sorry for the delay but could please help with how to include your list in the exclusion section.They won't copy & paste and i cannot type them into the box provided.Also do i include F Secure in the list since you say it may be the culprit.Can i add that i checked the "how to" on this matter and it said to contact,well,basically the forum.As a matter of interest the very first item on the provided list (C:\ProgramFiles\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\Assistant.exe) is not present when i open the file).
  7. Web Protection Off

    Man that was fast Porthos and thank you so very much.I have followed your instructions and please find result logs attached.Hope you find them useful. FRST.txt Addition.txt mb-check-results.zip
  8. Web Protection Off

    Hi all i renewed my mbam protection less than a month ago and was upgraded to mbam3 (version information included below).The problem i am having is my web protection keeps turning itself off for no good reason. imo.first time this happened i did a threat scan and that seemed to solve it,but this has happened at least three times since plus today and i cannot get it back.now i appreciate you have come accross this problem before as i was checking your forum but i would like your help please.i am including the most recent scan for what it's worth and also the version information as i said previously.your help with this matter would be most appreciated. MBAM Scan.txt
  9. Cannot Find Yahoo Install

    That's perfect so.I guess you can go ahead and close the thread.Thank you for the link above and all your help.
  10. Cannot Find Yahoo Install

    Thank you Aura for that list of security advice,far too much there to take in immediately,so i will digest it more fully at my leisure.If i have any questions regarding any of the points listed can i start a new thread,since,i gather you are closing this one.As requested i am adding the Delfix log and hope all is well.Thank you again man you are really helpful. DelFix.docx
  11. Cannot Find Yahoo Install

    Aura you are awesome thank you.my "New Tab" page is now back to normal.I really cannot thank you enough for all your attention and dedication to this topic you are THE MAN.Are there any deletions or adjustments to be made in settings or are we all clear.
  12. Cannot Find Yahoo Install

    This is the screenshot for policies now.
  13. Cannot Find Yahoo Install

    Hi Aura please find attached fixlog.txt as requested. Fixlog.txt
  14. Cannot Find Yahoo Install

    Hi Aura sorry but i have to leave this for the moment.if you can let me know of any other files etc you may need i will be happy to supply them.Thank you for all help to date.
  15. Cannot Find Yahoo Install

    As requested here are the other two.