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  1. i fixed my problem with youtube premium no more ads no more bs :)
  2. And its not working again. Time to remove the browser guard this is getting frustrating.
  3. Little update from my side for some weird reason yt works again even with full browser guard protection on. Whatever happent its watchable again lol.
  4. I hope we got a response soon for this after the weekend. I am almost in the boat to buy youtube premium now.
  5. They rolling out true the whole world wont be long then u cant watch it either anymore unless u disable malwarebytes browser guard.
  6. Sadly it still blocks, well i gues no more youtube then for now. Unless a small update can fix this.
  7. @Porthos i tried it already it doesnt work if i disable ads/trackers.
  8. @lmacri i mean browser guard is family from malwarebytes. If i dont use browser guard youtube works fine. So for now there should be a fix coming soon hopefully.
  9. @lmacri thanks for the feedback but i am not gonne use other third party ones for now. Hopefully the team from malwarebytes can fix this problem as quickly as possible.
  10. I have the same problem right now any fix for this ? I am on edge btw. The only fix i have found is to unistal the browser guard but thats not really an option. And enable ads for youtube only doesnt work either i have to delete the guard to enjoy youtube video,s. Hopefully a fix will come soon.
  11. Yeah just dont touch anything related to google atm its driving me crazy.
  12. Ms edge is doing the same here its going mental atm so many pop ups. Google youtube even this forum.
  13. I have this again but now today i cannot update it at the moment.
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