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  1. I will keep this thread updated for a few days and see how it goes with the malwarebytes icon gotte test some more while fast start up is off thank u.
  2. I will try that but yeah malwarebytes wont show for me if i turn the pc on after its off for a while, because its super fast then when its in windows. @Porthos are the logs alright ?
  3. I am sorry here are the zipfiles i have fast start-up on but i always had it one never had problems with that.
  4. This must be a malwarebytes issue i have the same problem as u op only i wont see that unable to start service message. it just wont start for me i dont see the icon.
  5. Everytime i start my pc malwarebytes wont start up anymore i have to reboot my pc again to actually start it up i already did a clean install using the support tool from malwarebytes. Nothing is changed what i know so far, is this a known issue ? startup and early protection is on aswell but sometimes malwarebytes wont start up by default anymore have to manuelly reboot my pc to see the icon. in the taskbar.
  6. This is off by default is it wise to turn it on ? I never seen that option before i think.
  7. I mean this i marked it its off be default.
  8. One final question under scan options is it better to use them all ? i see something like algoritme frome xpert systems u reckon to put that on aswell ? under security settings.
  9. Thank u for the help i think everything is working again i still dont understand what u mean it wasnt up-to-date bbfore ? I just did a scan and its all fine. Normally i check for updates every day or so i have no clue what was causing this tray icon not to load up while u click on it :S
  10. just did it once today, i normally check for updates everyday.
  11. The problem is fixed now by reinstalling malwarebytes, i still have sended u a pm from the results please look into them and pm me back thank u.
  12. i did this and its fixed for me aswell i had a similar problem as the op.
  13. sorry i dont understand maybe i am explaining it worng the tray icon on windows 10 from malwarebytes wont open it is running i see all real time protections but i just cant open the tray itself, i tried rebooting the pc but that wont work either, i can try to reinstal malwarebytes to see if its working again, but then i am unprotected.
  14. Suddently today my malwarebytes wont open whats going on ? all other programs are working fine i dont understand it using latest version, cant even check doing updates the tray is there but the program just wont open to scan or check things.
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