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  1. For some weird reasin real time is getting off every hour or so then mailware bytes restarts itself and then its working again, can someone explain to me whats going on ? I never had this issue until today, i am using the premiun version aswell, never had any problems until today.
  2. Its still not fixed i am still not real time protected
  3. LOL i thought 64 gigabyte of ram was enough its using almost everything its on 53 gb of ram now, time to exit the program. Also real time protection is still off.
  4. I just ctr alt del, and did a hard exit on malware bytes the freaking progream is using 45 gb of ram from my 64 gigs of ram until this is not solved i am not going to start up the program.
  5. Same problem real time protectiob wont go on now and sometimes the whole program feezes also malwarebytes blocks all internet acces lol.
  6. I am in now but real time protection is off cannot get it on.
  7. Anyone else got the same problem both malwarebytes programs wont run anymore on both laptop and pc here also more folk got the same problem the service is down ?http://isitdownrightnow.com/malwarebytes.org.html
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