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  1. System freeze even gets stuck whenever browser opened ... will this be cause of "Ransom.WanaCrypt0r" ??? ..I am scanning my system with every possible antivirus programme .. please help me
  2. I know my system got infected with a virus, but I don't know how to get rid of it. The virus makes my computer freeze up and gets stuck whenever chrome or Mozilla firefox browser opened and it affected internet explorer also. I have tried reinstalling them. Still same no improvement. I've noticed that after the freezing starts, it doesnt seem to stop until I restart my computer or I have to wait and end that task. I've done the quick and full scan 3 times each now, ran cc cleaner and even an Quick heal and HitmanPro scan. Nothing seems to work, and I need help. I've experimented some and found that I don't seem to start freeze unless I open a brower and surf the web. According to my processes tab, nothing out fo the ordinary is causing these freezes, so I am truly baffled. Please help me if you can. Thank you !! System Specification: Lenovo Z50-70 Laptop Windows 8 Intel core i5 with 4GB RAM
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