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  1. o_O huh. I guess I had a one time website redirect which corresponded to a new MBAM false positive? I'll wait it out, see if it happens again when I disable MBAM. If nothing happens, no harm no foul I suppose. If it happens again then I can investigate further.
  2. Sounds like it means that MBAM is updating its database to be able to detect and remove the browser hijacker that it is already responding to in order to block activity for, but unable to find and remove at this time. Malware is constantly evolving to avoid detection, and anti malware is constantly evolving in parallel to combat it.
  3. Just woke up this morning with this infection. Normally don't run AV software other than Windows defender. Turned my computer on this morning and opened my firefox and my browser was clearly hijacked. Voice going "Critical alert from Microsoft" etc etc, unclosable log-in/sign-up credential pop up and fake alert boxes, crashing plugins, unclosable browser window. Used Chrome to grab MBAM and the scan showed nothing, but it was constantly blocking a website redirect from redirector.gvt1.com for 5 minutes or so before it went silent. Scan report immediately after showed nothing. A rest
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