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  1. Greetings everyone! Thank you very much for keeping this forum, to assist people like me. I'm pretty paranoid about computer security, so I've decided to create this topic after malwarebytes showed me some suspicious events. The event was an outbound connection from firefox, it logged 3 of these connection attempts right after each other. I checked my logs, and these were the only ones that happened in a long time (except from some skype related in and outbound connections, but I guess that's normal since it seems to be a peer to peer program, and I keep it running most of the time to communicate). Malwarebytes blocked them and they haven't returned so far. I've googled what is this, and the results weren't really promising. Even though the domain appears to be owned by google, people claimed it can be signs of a serious infection, that's why I want to make sure nothing shady lurks on my computer. My PC is protected by the payed versions of: - malwarebytes - Eset nod32 And I also have spybot search&destory installed, along with adwcleaner. I've ran deepscans with all of them using administrator privileges, but nothing showed up. P.S.: during this event firefox and chrome was open, but my active window was chrome not firefox. Firefox was just running in the background with a few tabs. None of my browsers have plugins, except Firefox with adblocker. The settings also seem to be fine without tampering. The suspicious event (I apologize about the language, I could not find where to set it to english inside the program) Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Napló adatai- Védelmi esemény dátuma: 2017. 03. 30. Védelmi esemény időpontja: 12:43 Naplófájl: Rendszergazda: Igen -Szoftver adatai- Verzió: Összetevők verziója: 1.0.75 Frissítési csomag verziója: 1.0.1627 Licenc: Premium -Rendszeradatok- Operációs rendszer: Windows 10 Processzor: x64 Fájlrendszer: NTFS Felhasználó: System -Blokkolt webhely részletei- Káros webhely: 1 , , Blokkolva, [-1], [-1],0.0.0 -Webhely adatai- Tartomány: redirector.gvt1.com IP-cím: Port: [55218] Típus: Kimenő Fájl: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe ************************************************************************************ I've attached the Farbar recovery scan tool logs to the post. Thank you very much if someone can assist me in this matter.
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