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  1. Greetings everyone! I wasn't sure where to report this, or if this is even report worthy, but I've decided to post it just in case. I have Eset nod32, and whenever I visit the malwarebytes forums it warns me about an unsecure connection and wrong SLL certificate. It's related to: redirect.lazysauce.com As far as I can see the certificate for this particular site is due for an extension, since it ran out a few days ago. So even if it uses https, it's not valid. I guess thats why my virus scanner keeps picking it up. You probably use that script for marketing related purposes. I just
  2. Thank you very much miekiemoses for taking the time to look into this. You helped my paranoia a bit with this I wish everyone a nice day! **** Dangaard: I'm no expert, but I'm not sure you have the same problem as me. In my case the computer showed no sign of infection or weird behaviour at all. However your's seem to behave infected. I think you should start a topic to make sure you get proper help in case there are really malicious stuff lurking there. I followed this topic to create mine:
  3. Thank you all for the replies! So can I assume this was just a false alarm since it will be adjusted in the database?
  4. Greetings everyone! Thank you very much for keeping this forum, to assist people like me. I'm pretty paranoid about computer security, so I've decided to create this topic after malwarebytes showed me some suspicious events. The event was an outbound connection from firefox, it logged 3 of these connection attempts right after each other. I checked my logs, and these were the only ones that happened in a long time (except from some skype related in and outbound connections, but I guess that's normal since it seems to be a peer to peer program, and I keep it running most of the time to c
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