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  1. I am getting a report that my Printer is sending something to its Customer Service. Probably phoning home? I close it, but it keeps coming back. I don't necessarily like having my printer phoning home. What are my options to stop the nagging reports? Do I have to exclude the addy and allow the process? Thanks.
  2. Nikhil, I downloaded the suggested programs .. installed and ran them. Guess what? I no longer have the problem. Those nagging popups stopped and when I checked the program settings .. my Real Tim,e web protections was turned ON again. Don't know what changed but I am happy to have this behind me. I did reboot to make sure and it's all good to go now. Thanks a bunch, morning
  3. Something keeps turning off Malwarebytes Real Time Protection layers. I turn it on and it gets turned off again. The *nags* are very annoying as it is constantly asking me to turn the setting back on. There is also an indication that Advanced PC TuneUp is installed and not being removed. I do not find it anywhere on my computer so it must be hiding. I do have your advanced protection.
  4. I fixed this myself. I went into my display settings a moved the size bar slider down to make things smaller. That fixed it.
  5. When I click on the MWB icon it brings up the start page. The page is too large for my computer screen (new computer HP Envy). I ran a scan and it aid to click *remove* at the bottom. I cannot get to the bottom of the screen to click *remove*. I have tried to make the page smaller using the arrows but the page will not be made smaller. I am an old woman (75) and I do not see very well anymore. I have my windows settings to make things larger so I can see better. This could be why. How can I make the screen smaller so that I can use the features? I am enclosing a screen shot for your perusal. Please help me. Thank you. Start Page.psd
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