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  1. Yeah MBAM is having a proper moment. Somebody done sumpin bad.
  2. Thanks Bot... I'll go ahead and.. oh wait... I already did that.
  3. Hello Malwarebytes, For I don't know how long now, web protection has been an issue. You issue a fix and ten minutes later, it's dying again. Over and over, on and on. I realise everyone's computer is different, but isn't it about time (you've had years now) you either fixed it, or started over with an entirely new and less fragile approach. As per your guidance, logfiles etc are attached, please can you come up with something more permanent on this occasion. mb-check-results.zip
  4. As an addition. I'm experiencing a similar problem. I've been down the route of using MB-Clean, however the problem hasn't gone away. I can restart MBAM or reboot the PC, which applies a temporary fix, but soon enough the web protection will turn off as described by the OP. Unlike the OP, I'm on Windows 10 64-bit. It does seem like web protection issues are happening quite frequently. I've been hit by this more than once and it seems to take a while on each occasion for Malwarebytes to pin down the problem. I wonder why it's always this module and why it's apparently so much more sen
  5. Can I add my own +1 to this topic. Identical symptoms - web protection won't start exactly as described in the OP. Using 3.0.6 and can easily browse to http://iptest.malwarebytes.org/
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