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  1. Thanks for being patient for a reply. So far so good, nothing has popped up. It's a shame we don't know what actually caused it, but a thorough cleaning appears to have fixed it. I suggest we close this topic as it stands, if necessary I'll request it to be reopened.
  2. Quick update - I've been quite ill over the weekend, so not been near the PC, so nothing to report, hopefully I'll be able to monitor better over the next couple of days.
  3. For your reference, screenshot of chrome://settings/syncSetup attached, I hope that is useful. In addition to the extensions you mentioned, I have installed LastPass, Facebook Purity and Duck Duck Go Privacy Essentials.
  4. Also I did NOT remove C:\Users\Tromador\AppData\Local\Google\Drive as this isn't part of Chrome and would ruin my drive sync!
  5. For reference, this screen was somewhat different. (Chrome Version 85.0.4183.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)) It has a separate "manage what you sync" screen, rather than a "Sync Everything" checkbox. To reach the review page, the correct button/link is entitled "Review your synced data" I also manually removed the google update service and google update task user jobs. I'll let you know if I get further detections.
  6. Yes, several on Wednesday, didn't use my PC yesterday and replying here is my first action for today, so I would probably expect some more today.
  7. Sounds like you have the exact same issue as me. On the one hand it's nice to see the issue confirmed by another user, on the other, I'm sorry to hear you have this problem too. It's also useful to hear your experience as further evidence to rule out the problem existing in other browsers. Like you I've not deliberately installed any fastsearch software, nor have any appearing in my programs. It might help the staff if you followed the instructions in this link and scan with autoruns as in the post from Keith above, just possibly they show something my logs don't.
  8. I've not yet seen this happen with Edge, though given the intermittent nature of the issue with Chrome it's hard to tell if that's conclusive. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome, including deleting services and daily tasks, I'm not sure what your procedure is, but I'm fairly sure I cleaned it completely. I'm attaching the autoruns log as requested. As far as I can tell it's not found anything untoward. ORAC.zip
  9. Good question. I have no idea. Other than chrome I only have edge/ie installed, no idea if those would be a good metric or not. In any case, I'll run edge and let it sit in the background whilst I am doing other things. Bear in mind that with Chrome the issue is intermittent (nothing today for example) so please be patient for an update. I'll post in due course.
  10. The issue continues - All we've tried is resyncing against cloud data which is generally used to stop a recurring detected problem, resyncing data which may be infected, isn't going to cure anything. Indeed, if I do a clean un/reinstall of chrome, it's possible that it will just download something back down from the cloud when I log my Google account back in. To be 100% sure, I'll need a procedure for cleaning my Google profile and also go through a stack of other devices to make sure they aren't storing that profile information either. That said, is there no mileage in doing some digg
  11. The problem went away for 24 hours (or I wasn't using chrome enough to notice) but was definitely happening again today. I've run the desync/resync procedure suggested and the subsequent scan was again negative. If the problem continues, I will post for further advice.
  12. Thank you for the advice, I will try that next time I am at my PC. I also would like to advise that I can download and open the attached logs on my android tablet no problem, though if the issues persists, I will copy/paste them in full - not ideal, but if needs must
  13. MB is blocking multiple attempts by chrome to connect to fastsearch.me (and the occasional other sites). A threat scan doesn't show up any problems, but it does look like Chrome has something that shouldn't be there. Please find attached a set of log files, any advice appreciated. Addition.txt FRST.txt mblog.txt
  14. MB is (correctly as far as I can see) continuously (every 20 mins or so) blocking access to fastsearch.me from chrome. In addition, there are odd instances of other sites, such as stat1.info and adultsonly.pro being blocked. I've run a manual scan of my system and MB shows the machine as 100% clean. These two statements appear contradictory - either something has crawled inside chrome and is trying to outbound to these sites, or the machine is clean. I'm inclined to the former. I've had a quick web search and can't find anything reliable about fixing this other than multitudinous site
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