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  1. @Firefox Nice rig in your signature! ?
  2. I'm glad that you said "probably" because none of the information that I was directed to supplied a legitimate answer. I carefully read all of the information contained in the articles or posts that I was directed to and it made me feel like I had posted a problem on the Microsoft site. I got a correct answer but not to the question I was asking. It seems that in order to answer the question with the true answer it would open a door to litigation. I love malware bytes and suggest it to everyone that has a computer but I do not understand why I cannot get a straightforward answer to my questions rather than a generic one. I had expected more of an intelligent and specific reply to my question. Regardless Malwarebytes is fantastic software at this time and I will keep using it till it does not do what it is supposed to do. Thanks anyway.....
  3. I have been using slim cleaner for years now and all of a sudden Malwarebytes is identifying it as a PUP. Why is this? I have never had an issue with it in all of the years that it has been on my system. I do not get any pop ups or ads or anything like many people have said that they are experiencing. Why is it identified as a PUP?
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