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  1. I didn't post for help, but to show 1 virus installed by System Healer. There are probably others. The more documentation the easier it is to try to do something about System Healer. I am advocating that people take anyone of 4 things: 1) document and post on computer forums and social media. 2) contact ones US Senator or Representative or the FBI/US Attorney. 3) contact the home country's government, in the case of System Healer that is Poland. 4) contact Interpol's cyber crime unit for companies outside of the US. I'm disabled and having to deal with this is too much aggravation. Malware and Spyware makes it difficult for everyone. I'm advocating a tough way to deal with the perpetrators using whatever documentation is available. Thr scams of System Healer and others need to be dealt with in such a way as to discourage others. I used to be a tech service writer for CompUSA when they were still in business. I'm trained pretty well in computers. It helps to know what we are dealing with. What I posted was just for information. The fraud which System Healer engages in, negates their so-called license agreement. Enough complaints to their home government may push or punish them enough to stop. Their actions are criminal and need to be stopped. I have 30 years as a civil rights activist and won't let a small software company violate my rights. I'll close them down or work to close them down first. Being disabled I rely on my computer and smart phone. Who are these people to think they can get away with their Malware and mess up my computer? Putting them out of business will make everyone's life better, at least until someone else tries the same crap. It's been 3 days since this happened and my computer still isn't normal, but I'm figuring it out. I'm still angry. Being disabled I don't have all the financial resources others may have. Shutting System Healer down will help other disabled people. It should help to teach a lesson to other so-called "legitimate" business who engage in Malware and Spyware. No prisoners. Send em all to prison. Tyranny reigns when good people do nothing. Mhagelin
  2. I checked my scan of my laptop. System Healer transmits a worm: Worm:Win32/Gamarue Mhagelin
  3. I almost got caught in the System Healer-TSS scam. I looked online and found the solution. Thanx. I filed a complaint with the Polish government (where System Healer is located, according to their web page) about the malware and spyware. I emailed the company letting them know what I did and threatened to contact Interpol's cyber crime division. The 1-844-822-5657 phone number is the one I had on my labtop. Since I don't install alot of new programs and was able to get to a command prompt, I typed "explorer" to get me to where I could uninstall all of it. It was part of a Divx bundle of software. I uninstalled everything with that date stamp and deleted any files with the same date stamp to make sure I didn't miss anything. If the Polish government acts, System Healer will be gone. If not, then Interpol will be getting a complaint from me. Thanks for all the good work. MHagelin
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