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  1. OK well glad I am not the only one. The funny part is, I have been on the insider builds (fast-ring) for the last half-year and all upgrades have never had issues, but the final does. Haha usually it is the other way around! I even tried the newest beta of MBAE and same issue.
  2. I forgot to attach logs, here is the zip. Windows 10 x64 running the new AU. mbaelogs.zip
  3. Hey guys are there any confirmed bugs with the current version of AE and Windows 10 AU? I noticed after the update AE was not running so I tried to open the desktop application and it opens then closes after a second or two. Figured the AU might have caused it so I uninstalled and used the clean.zip from the other topic, reinstalled and same thing. I am guessing something changed with the AU?
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