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  1. ne5

    Trojan or not

    that is EXACTLY what I was told on a general tech forum elsewhere, and why I decided to uninstall SK and try again. I don't use it much tbh, but it has been useful now and again, not everything you want is available commercially, similar to watching you tube I suppose. On a different note, if I go ahead and subscribe to the full version of MWB, can you use paypal to pay, or something ? And very, very many thanks for this advice and help. All the best and regards.
  2. ne5

    Trojan or not

    these were the first time it happened, which was a couple of months ago, I actually tried it again last night, but it froze then freed itself and I got the image like the 3rd one. The IP hasn't always been the same, and I downloaded a couple of things after it started working and my desktop is still as clean as a whistle afterwards. I have a few more photos, I don't know if the IP number was the same last night, but it was inbound and outbound the same as photo number 3
  3. Hello i am currently running thd premium trial edition of MWB which has thrown up a trojan alert on a file sharing site, and blocked it. Ive used this site for years, and my desktop is as clean as a whistle. Is this alert false in respect of the fact it is detecting fike sharing rather than a trojan and what do yiou suggest I do. Thanks.
  4. Sorry I don't know what you mean. The contents are just a list of dll files, system files etc ? changelog.txt mbae-uninstall.log
  5. I've got 64 bit and sorry I've just seen this and have to run. I'll do what you say when I am home in a couple of days.
  6. my malwarebytes anti exploit has stopped working. I've uninstalled and completely installed the new version but I have no icon on my bottom right screen and when I try to run the exe file it is completely dead. My desktop version of malwarebytes also has stopped displaying the icon too, unless I run a manual scan. I'm running windows 7. Neither malwarebyes (free version) or avast picks up malware or a virus.
  7. Well I've had an email saying this has been replied to....but nothing is there .....
  8. Hello, I'm new to the forum. I've got a Samsung j5 mobile (new, first android phone having used nokia lumia for the last few years) and I'm downloaded the malwarebytes app to the phone, because I use malwarebytes on my PC and have done for a few years now. Unfortunately I keep getting the message "Crash Data. The app found information about previous crashes. Would you like to send this data to the developer?" and it stops me scanning. Sometimes it lets a scan complete, but sometimes not. Is something wrong ?
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