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  1. Hi, we have Windows 2016 running RDS as a VM Virtual Server - we installed MALWAREBYTES and since doing that the VMHOST has crashed twice. The client has a MWB4B license and that is the version we have installed. Are there any specific steps that need to be taken to install the software ? Regards MV.
  2. thx YoKenny1 running that now .. it flashed up once but nothing registered on the CurrPorts ... I'll keep on keeping on Mark.
  3. Malwarebytes pops up several times a day saying it has blocked access to Is there any way of finding out what is trying to access that address? and/or what that address is being blocked for ? Regards Mark.
  4. As I said, I fully understand and appreciate MalwareBytes good intentions. My concern is that as a paying customer, as Joe Bloggs sitting at his PC - your product is blocking me from accessing websites, blogs and IRC servers that I trust, and in my case, for whatever reason I received no notification that this was being done. From my view-point you are the ones blocking the access, and therefore the ones that I would take issue with. I have no dealings with the hosting companies who host these sites and services and nor should I have to (unless of course it is my own website / service being b
  5. I have after much head scratching realised this IP Protection (which previously never worked on my PCs) has suddenly started working and just blocked a lot of (5) servers I use for different functions - it did not as I believed it would display a message bubble to tell me it was doing this. Hence a lot of scrabbling around checking DNS servers, network settings, firewall settings etc. I understand the well intentioned actions of MalwareBytes, and that this feature may be useful to those with less internet experience, however I feel that at present the criterion for being black-listed by MBAM i
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