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  1. there was a problem with the lack of internet. so malvarebites could not renew. log spread protection (you have not asked) Malwarebytes Anti-Malwarewww.malwarebytes.org Update, 13.01.2016 9:14, SYSTEM, 555-ПК, Manual, Remediation Database, 2015.9.16.1, 2016.1.8.1, Update, 13.01.2016 9:15, SYSTEM, 555-ПК, Manual, Rootkit Database, 2015.9.18.1, 2016.1.9.1, Error, 13.01.2016 9:17, SYSTEM, 555-ПК, Manual, 0, Update, 13.01.2016 9:17, SYSTEM, 555-ПК, Manual, IP Database, Failed, Unable to access update server, 2015.9.21.2, 2016.1.6.2, Error, 13.01.2016 9:17, SYSTEM, 555-ПК, Manual, 0, Update, 13.
  2. I can not find how to attach a file, sooooo take this please Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (x64) Version:10-01-2015 01Ran by 555 (2016-01-12 16:29:32)Running from C:\Users\555\DesktopBoot Mode: Normal ================== Search Files: "dnsapi.dll" ============= C:\Windows\winsxs\wow64_microsoft-windows-dns-client_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7601.21673_none_4aa4e997e6a8ddc0\dnsapi.dll[2015-11-10 21:03][2011-03-03 08:12] 0270336 ____A (Microsoft Corporation) 1F79F611109C2B97260B68FD6B4FC7DD [File is digitally signed] C:\Windows\winsxs\wow64_microsoft-windows-dns-client_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7601.17570_none
  3. I can't install malwarebytes due to the above error. please help Addition.txt FRST.txt
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