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  1. Two days later and now "WorldWideWebCoupon" is installed in chrome. I will admit I may have been sabotaging myself before as I was uninstalling the extension before you fixed it, thinking that there was something deeper wrong. The extension made it so I couldn't go anywhere. But now I'm here on firefox and chrome still is messed up. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  2. Thanks. It looks good at the moment. I'll let you know if a few days if something comes back. Looks from the fix log like you think this is only in Chrome and whatever was on my system is completely gone. BTW, I am running adblockpus, the Malbytes Exploit, Windows Security, and did a scan with Malbytes and nothing came up with any of those while it was infected. Fixlog.txt
  3. Literally did not use my computer for a few days, neither did anyone in the house except for my wife checking email from work. The other browsers seem fine, but in Chrome "CouponFactor" is showing up again. It is listed as an extension and can be uninstalled from there. But this has happened before and it is still going on. Is there anyway there is something else on my computer, or is this inside Chrome and I've got to just completely empty out chrome's settings, temp, etc? BTW, the files from a minute ago are attached. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. Thanks SO much. It all looks good. I've restarted several times now with running the installs on these things you recommended, etc and nothing has popped up. Hopefully I don't accidentally get something again. I'm generally careful, but as I said at the top I've been trying to fix a bricked Nexus 7 and that took me to a lot of modding websites and I'll just stop working on that.
  5. Looks good for now. It did last time for a day and then all of a sudden things showed up again. Any scanners or chrome plug-ins you could recommend in case this is a website or something that I might go to again? My workplace is often a website that gets weird messages about redirects, etc.
  6. Thanks again. I hope that shows that everything is finally back to normal. Fixlog.txt
  7. There you go. Thanks so much for the help. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  8. It still had a coupon one come back now a few days later in chrome. And my qife using firefox had the cursor jump all over.
  9. Fix log. there you go. Sorry, missed that piece. Fixlog.txt
  10. So, it came back. Or something did. Opened up Chrome today (after a few days of the computer being awesome) and Sharkman Coupons was installed. Wife was using Firefox and as she typed the cursor kept jumping back and forth on her. I have attached new logs of FRST. Thank you so much for helping with this! PS - my microsoft security essentials (the only antivirus I'm using) isn't showing up in the bottom right tray anymore. It says it is running and I can get to it through the icon. Just a totally different random thing? Is this a continued infection or is there a website that I am going t
  11. Here is the file. When I opened Chrome this time it wasn't popdeals but deals factor that was running instead now. And it was listed in the extensions of Chrome (unlike popdeals was) and I deleted it from the extensions in chrome. Zoek.exe v5.0.0.0 Updated 17-March-2015 Tool run by Amy Wertsch on Tue 03/17/2015 at 19:36:24.35. Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 x64 Running in: Normal Mode Internet Access Detected Launched: C:\Users\Amy Wertsch\Desktop\zoek (1).exe [scan all users] [Deep Scan] [Auto Clean] ==== System Restore Info ====================== 3/17/2015
  12. I might have gotten rid of the root kit...or some of it. I had an program called Conime.exe running at startup and one of the MANY tools I've downloaded and tried got rid of that. Every single scanner I have says that my system is clean. But every single time I start up Chrome "Popdeals" is running. It isn't listed under extensions, but if I go to the Chrome Task Manager I can kill it there. Attached are the logs from FRST64. I'm really frustrated. Plus, this is my wife's computer which I was using - not even my own. (ps - I believe I did it when I was attempting to fix a bricked Nexus 7 2
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