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  1. Just a QQ - is that bit of text you posted a Copy-Paste people do for general problems? I've seen a similar one posted somewhere else.
  2. Hi Adam - thanks for replying so quickly. I navigated to my AppData/Roaming folder and found a bunch of supicious exetuable files and a text document called 'BubbleDock'. After a bit of research I've managed to uninstall it. Sorry for the false alarm.
  3. Hi guys. I've been having some trouble with removing some adware I've gotten from something. Basically it opens up firefox under the URl 'www.intried.net' and then redirects to an advertisement webpage (Sometimes that can be rather embarassing with some of the advert content). Does anyone know how to remove it? I've ran countless malware and virus scans and it has not come up. Thanks in advance.
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