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  1. I guess you are just refusing to help at all. The complaint has been stated in the first post and so far nothing has been done. All we can hear just an excuses when people don't want a nagging warning.
  2. Also don't forget in corporate world we would never rely on malwarebytes blocking sites. In most companies we control DNS, proxy, etc. Why would we want something else to control us? We don't need multiple layers of blocking mechanism in the company. Simplicity and configurable mechanism is a key for any IT department. We always look for a single product to do a specific job. All it does just putting more problems on the table. Like I said malwarebytes is not what it used to be and can't be used in corporate world anymore.
  3. I'm not trying to figure it out why the site was blocked in the first place. The whole point of this thread was, why malwarebytes started nagging us when we don't want to use that feature. Simple as that. Since the option was taken away, it means that we can't use the software. It's not what we paid for. It used to be something and now it's something else. In my eyes malwarebytes went one step forward and 2 steps back.
  4. I like Malwarebytes but putting sites into ignore list is just a big No, No. Every person I installed the malwarebytes were complaining about blocking some sites for them. Putting a site in ignore list, just doesn't work. Malwarebytes is a great software except it's being way too controlling about blocking legitimate websites. I understand every virus / malware protection have false positive but not as many as it is in malwarebytes blocking legitimate sites. Most people are using adblock and custom hosts files which does the job 300 times better. I can bet that a lot of people just want malwarebytes what it used to be in the old days v1.75. It just simply worked with enough options for us to do what we want as paying customers. I guess, I'll check out malwarebytes in a year or so and see if it'll get improved but in the mean time I just don't see any other options besides uninstalling it from every single computer I'll see it again. Please lock the thread, the problem have been solved.
  5. The only reason I kept Malwarebytes to keep away from nagging malwares. Since malwarebytes became a malware itself, it's a simple solution Uninstall and get rid of the nagging problem. So far, over 15 copies of malwarebytes were uninstalled from family and friends PC's. We've decided to steer away from the product and I'll continue uninstalling the product.
  6. As of today Malwarebytes Pro has been uninstalled from 9 PC's. Thank you for making malwarebytes as another nagging malware.
  7. Thank you for pointing that out because I didn't read the links you provided. As of today the option is not implemented and not ready for corporate use. Maybe in the future once the option will be available we might reconsider but it already frightens me something like that was even implemented in the first place. Who knows what might happen in the future because something like that might cause a disaster for end users with a notification like that in corporate world.
  8. oh, well. The company I work for, were thinking to buy a couple of hundreds of licenses for our workstations. I guess Malwarebytes is out of the game now and can't be suggested anymore. I hope you'll improve the app in the future because I lot of people like me will start looking for other alternatives.
  9. My favorite program malwarebytes pro which I always recommend to everyone became nagging malware itself . I always disable Malicious Website Protection because it just simply doesn't work due to blocking a lot of websites which I visit. It never worked for me and I don't need that feature, that's why we have an option to disable that feature. Everytime we boot up the system we get a nagging popup telling us "Protection Disabled.... Fix Now". What happened to Malwarebytes Pro? The best app for PC going downhill. What options do we have besides simple UNINSTALL?
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