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  1. As for some script files, you can have AnalogX's Script Defender warn you if any execution of following scripts... .VBS,.VBE,.JS,.JSE,.HTA,.WSF,.WSH,.SHS,.SHB However, if you use latest HP software, they use scripts to open up their software now, and AnalogX Script Defender will warn every time if opening HP print/scan software. I reverted to older HP software. Just thought I'd post as an option, been using Script Defender for many years now. I'm assuming you can add your own file types to the list of default Script Defender option intercepts, I've always just gone with the defaults.
  2. My version shows as Over at Betanews they are showing new version of as of April 10th. Malwarebytes does not update to version via update option.
  3. I should say app that offers Exploit, Web protection AND Ad/Tracker blocking.
  4. Gave the 4.x version a try again with 4.1, all working well on our main Windows 7 PC so far with all protection enabled, no issues as past, like very slow opening of browser, executables and such. Now for the suggestion... Be nice if you offered a separate software application for just Exploit and Web protection. I find your Malwarebytes software Web protection to be quite good, blocking only the malicious content on sites. Your free browser addon that does so as well ends up blocking the whole page if malicious content found, which I do not care for, so nixed that addon on the other PC. Even for a price, subscription or not, I bet it might sell. Many today just rely on Windows 10 Defender for realtime malware/virus protection, such as I do on our home theater SFF PC.
  5. I forgot to mention, on that Windows 10 PC I was using the free version of MBAM. No, the scan was not bringing the rest of PC to a crawl, and did have MBAM set to take less priority on manual scans, but even that should have not caused MBAM to scan oh so slowly thru the files in the aforementioned LCU folder, being rest of scan was moving along at much quicker pace. Only other folder that can take just as long is the OS core Windows \ winsxs folder, but MBAM does scan the files in that folder at quicker paces. Just thought I would bring up that particular LCU folder thinking that's where maybe you were have the percentage of issues from.
  6. Yes, like the scan results window within the MBAM main window itself is too small even with main window at maximum size. I had to extend all the bars to be able to read all that was listed (in this case a buncha Auslogics hits that I told MBAM to ignore from now on). Same goes for the Detection history window within the main window, you have all that wasted space outside, thus having to squint just to see what you allow us to see in the scan results or history window. Some of us do not have the best eyesight, at least for me in my older age.
  7. I've noticed that recent past Windows 10 cumulative updates have been leaving very large sized folders behind in the Windows \ servicing \ LCU folder. As large as up to 2GBs each. Use of the Windows Disk Cleanup tool after patch Tuesday updates have been missing these folders for cleanup with the Windows Update option checked. I came across this issue when I noticed Malwarebytes was taking forever to scan thru those particular folders, and I do mean FOREVER. What's left behind in the Windows \ servicing \ LCU folder is not needed once the patch update is fully complete, so I manually delete after. CCleaner seems to be unable to clean them out with its Inclusion option.
  8. I would assume some are not having this issue at all. Wonder if there is a common denominator that is causing it, such as another program. Only thing I could think of is Comodo firewall. I do also use premium WinPatrol, but highly doubt that particular one would cause the issue. As I mentioned above, I did do the Windows services repair support tool option before last fresh reinstall and still no luck. Also have SuperAntiSpyware's Core service running (free version), Google Drive Sync, and Internet Download Manager background processes that come to mind as well. Or, may be some disabled Windows service, and I do disable a lot of what I consider unneeded background services, but certainly not the ones in the support tool repair options.
  9. Same issue here with version 4, at times nothing will open, browser, any application, whatever, or takes VERY long time to open, including task manager. Reverted back to version 3 for awhile and no issues. Then tried FRESH install of version 4 after support tool clean uninstall of version 3 and also system repair options, and version 4 within a day went right back to causing system freezeup. This last round I had Malware and Ransomware protection enabled along with self-protection. This is on a Windows 7 system. Also at times it's like the system tray icon will be unresponsive, no menu, and main window won't open from tray icon doubleclick, would have to open main screen by opening up the programs folder or desktop shortcut.
  10. Have had same issue, sometimes a program wont start, and if so, trying another ends up same, won't start, like PC comes to a crawl, have to wait awhile. When finally able to open task manager I do see multiple instances of MBAMWsc running with this issue. This has happened on more than one occasion since updating to 4.x, never had the issue before then.
  11. Apparently MB version 4 requires all protections to be enabled for Action Center not to show red flag on Windows 7, whereas before on version 3.x no red flag when just using malware realtime protection. Had to disable Virus program monitoring in Action Center settings. You need to change to require malware protection only to make Action Center happy.
  12. I got same on Windows 10 when upgrading using full installer, VERY quick install (like a few secs) and then asked to reboot, but if I stay on login screen too long, Windows out of the blue restarts. When I log on quickly, Malwarebytes shows error, says install failed. Uninstalling to start fresh failed, uninstall stalled. Had to use MB support tool to Clean Up Malwarebytes. This was with free version. On my Windows 7 PC with premium license, upgraded without a problem using full installer. Haven't bothered to reinstall MB on Windows 10 PC, bought UnHackMe cheap instead to go with Defender.
  13. Decided to keep Superfetch enabled and use MBAM auto. At least when closing Firefox now most all memory it took is returned as 'Free' with Superfetch enabled.
  14. Did clean uninstall/reinstall, but same problem. I then disabled MBAM startup, re-enabled Superfetch, did a couple reboots to get all icons back to loading, then re-enabled MBAM at startup and no more problems. So apparently MBAM does not play nice with systray icons if Superfetch is disabled.
  15. I'll try MBAM Clean, but assume it will remove all my custom exclusions. I hope not, that would be a pain. Until then, I played around some more and found that setting MBAM Service to Automatic (Delayed Start) resolves issue. However, once MBAM starts after bootup, it resets the service back to Automatic instead of staying at Automatic (Delayed Start), thus bringing back the issue at next reboot.
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