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  1. Windows XP has a special place in my heart. All those il 2 sturmovik flight sims I played on it, but I would not use it on an older machine without at hardware firewall, something like a cheap barebone with hardened iptables and hosts file. In some countries, they cannot afford newer hardware to support the new Microsoft OS, but they can use lightweight distros
  2. Ah, no problem I just have a hard time keeping up on those sites, so many people, so many theories plus it is one of my hobbies, so I always look for people who share my hobbies, no matter the site I even asked this question on a cooking forum, someone claimed to have overclocked his toaster...perhaps if he gave it a direct port injection of high velocity wattage
  3. Ok my mistake, few months ago I was seeing IE9 listings in CCleaner, at the time it did not occur to me that IE and Windows Update are interlinked, so I tried a method I found online to sort of proxy block IE, but I quickly realized that I was not able to get Windows updates. It wasn't much garbage collection in CCleaner, maybe 1mb here, 2 there, but still, for a program I turned off, ...well the hamster in my head started in overdrive. So my mistake *homers DOH* I did just update to IE11 as I noticed a lot of history in IE9 that I never visited so that had me a bit worried. I have lots of time as I am disabled so I will mull this one over tomorrow, it is bedtime. Goodnight and thanks. Funny, the sun is already rising and it is 3:33am :| I miss the east coast.
  4. I really didn't know what else to talk about at the moment so I thought I'd ask if anyone here was into that sort of thing. I understand this is a security oriented forum and I will stick to that
  5. I have not set any proxies on my rig, the only way I can control IE is via control panel -> internet options, as I turned off IE via *Turn Windows features on or off*, if you could just point me to this proxy and I will try my best to null it and also how do I reset a browser I have turned off? THANK YOU for your time, I know it took me 3 hours to go through those pages, I know my rig is quite big (not tooting my own horn so more I have in there, more can go boink ) But that proxy and reset would help a GREAT deal. Once again, thank you sooooooo much, you are very astute
  6. As the title says, I am a beginner/amateur overclocker and it has been a mild hobby of mine for the past ohhh I don't know, 8 months? So if you got em, post em up You know what I mean It is not a competition I just want to see what sort of results you guys are getting out of your hardware.
  7. Also I do not allow nor disallow any IP addresses in the Web Exclisions part of MBAM. As for system spec, it is AMD FX-8350 on a Sabertooth 990fx r2.0 with a Crucial m4 2.5inch 256gb OS drive, I do not use onboard sound rather a Recond3d PciE sound card. Lan is onboard. Anything else just ask.
  8. Logs as follows. I attached all 3 as they were quite large and I do not want to fill up a page, I know some people view via mobile and have bandwidth limits. FRST.txt Addition.txt CheckResults.txt
  9. Good Afternoon from Eastern Europe. I will eventually get to the introduction forum but I have a more serious issue to deal with. Last night I noticed an *Allowed* IP in the Web Exclusions section which I checked out using network tools online, it led to an IP address originating from Moldova. I also noticed that I was not able to update my MBAM. Right away I took the following steps. 1. Strong MBAM password for everything. 2. Looked at all settings, some were changed, changed them back to *paranoid level*, update every 1 hour, if missed 2, scan every day. 3. Allowed custom scans. Changed ALL passwords on computer, I do not keep email ones on a Win box, those stay on encrypted thumbies that only touch *nix, and I only access email via my *nix machine. 4. Ran a lot of scans AdwCleaner, TDSS, Combofix, MBAM, MSSE, checked my hosts file, working on my services list now, going to check my registery next, all those scans came up empty by the way. 5. But how was someone able to insert an *allowed IP* into my MBAM, this is what REALLY worries me, is this common, do they have kernel access, should I just wipe the OS and start fresh, 10+ passes with DBAN is not really an option here >> SSD << Can anyone please help me, I am at your mercy. Also welcome from Eastern Europe where we have DE on one side and Russia on the other and Ukraine below us I will make an introduction post as soon as this is settled, I am just VERY stressed right now as you can imagine. I am going to start up wireshark via *nix and see my traffic for any UPX, RST, etc etc. Forgot to mention, I have IE turned off for good, I use current version of Firefox with needed plugins to stop scripts, wont mention which for obvious reasons, but this is my work computer so I need it to be *safe* , win7_64_SP1. What worries me is that I would not notice any real slowdowns as it is an overclocked fx-8350 :/. But I normally run @ around 60 processes, too much I know, but I have not noticed any new additions, but I am keeping an eye.
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