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  1. I should be more clear that our customers are not companys, but individuals.
  2. We use business licenses for OUR computers. But not for our customers, they get home licenses as they are not part of our company.
  3. When I open the logs, they are always blank. Ive made another post about that issue.
  4. Not just business. We also fix computers for people as well. Here should be fine
  5. When I open a log file for a scan, etc. it always comes up blank without any information filled in. Ive run into this across several computers as I use MBAM for work on many workstations.
  6. Before v2.0 came out, after a scan you could see the total number of found threats. I cant seem to find anywhere where it says this now. It would be greatly appreciated as I use MBAM everyday for work and having a total number of detections helps with paperwork.
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