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  1. On 23/01/2017 at 0:10 PM, Confuzzled said:

    #6.  I only type my phone number online where required for certain forms,  purchase

    Some times company's sell data they collect to make an extra income and it can make it's way to less dubious company's/people so when filling in forms you have to look at the small print. Even well known company's have call centres where people details have gone missing ie stolen and sold. I find it is best to use a throw away mobile you can dump and a charged card so even if some one does get the phone number and card details the card will be dead and in a fake name and the phone is in a dummy name and all you have to then do is just replace them. All perfectly legal the only one who will know your details for the card will be the bank you get it from and you can ask for the card in any name you choose.

  2. @promidi did you deactivate the licence first? I have had a similar thing happen when a hdd failed and I couldn't get to MBAM to deactivate it before uninstalling and as the licence is for one computer it may think your trying to put it on two while the other is still active as that's what happened to me. The only way for me to resolve this was to contact Malwarebyte's support.



  3. They teach a very basic coding at age ten in the uk now my ten year old is making a game with his class mates, pretty young huh.

    I like code academy. The first 3 languages I learnt where HTML, CSS and Python because they are well to me the easiest I learnt them buy taking code from the net and looking at it so I could see how things functioned. I then set my self goals of things I'd like to make but made them exciting to me.

  4. Hello is there a list of what mbam 3.0.... does and how it works to protect you for instance would it stop your browser's certificate list being injected with a spoofed certificate and tricking the browser into thinking the connection is safe? ect.

    I just want a rough idea what it does so I can make a new set up for my pc ie what else to add along side it to make things more safe.

    I have looked but can't find anything that is specific I understand if there isn't. I found the info on this page https://www.malwarebytes.com/

    Thank you :)

  5. Arc games.
    I think neverwinter is the best arc offer and yes you can buy things but it is 100% free there is nothing you can't get with a little work. 

    It's a free colonization type game I think it is open source to so your able to mod the code.



    Loads of free and paid games on steam.
    http://store.steampowered.com/genre/Free to Play/?tab=MostPlayed

    loads of paid games here

    I find also if you join game engine sites you get to play a few home made games people have made always interesting and mostly free.

  6. Thanks for the info Dave. 

    Hope you get rid of them confuzzled. You can also use them as a source of fun I kept them on the phone for 2 hours once lol It would have made a great you tube he was so angry after 2 hours and in the final stage I started to insult him he got everyone working with him to come listen and in the end they started to laugh sadly they never called me again I enjoyed the finally but 2 hours was very hard going.

    Good luck with it all

  7. Could you not just change your phone number and go x directory? As from what I have learnt from looking at this type of crime and I'm new at all this so do correct me if I am wrong Dave/exile360  theses scammers pass/sell peoples (the targets) details around so it won't go away you may get gaps between the malicious calls but your name and phone number and other details will be on a few scammers lists.

    There are some nice videos on you tube at the defcon conference that show how to steal data, clone phones intercept calls, text messages ect it may put your mind at rest a bit as it isn't that easy as 1,2,3, hence why they use the social engineering technique which is fairly low tech but effective. 



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