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  1. Ah that would explain it and make sense. I definitely did not deactivate it before uninstalling... Next time I will. Maybe MBAM should provide an option to enable users to log on the their account on MBAM's website the deactivae their key online in the event of an HDD failure.
  2. Hi guys Has anyone reported the following issue with Malwarebytes 3.06 1469 Premium: I completely uninstalled Malwarebytes 3 to do a fresh install. Rebooted. Then I installed Malwarebytes 3.06 1469 from scratch. When I go to activate, the serial and key fields do accept my lifetime key and serial number (which I copy and pasted rather than typed to avoid typos). However, the "activate" button remained greyed out and unclickable. The only way I was able to get around the issue is to find and install version 2 of Malwarebytes Antimalware. Then I installed Malwarebytes 3.06 1469 Prem
  3. Thanks for that. That's the ticket!
  4. Currently, dates displayed in Malwarebytes 3.0x are locked into displaying in US format and, as you know this, is MM/DD/YYYY. This means that 7/8/2017 would be interpreted as 8 July 2017. In Australia this actually reads as 7th August 2017. Can you change the dates as displayed in Malwarebytes 3.0x to follow the system locale formatting. Another option is to display the month using words instead of numerically.
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