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  1. Thanks, As I redundantly posted above, I did. Best regards!
  2. Men Who Stare At Goats. In goats we trust. All others are subject to electronic monitoring.
  3. Love it when I find someone that knows was 300 baud was.
  4. These are all funny, but I see a lot more of "I'm working from home" or is it, "I'm 'working' from home?"
  5. I see the problem now. The text stream is encoded properly on the MBAM files and not on the PROTECTION files. "The byte order mark (BOM) is a Unicode character used to signal the endianness (byte order) of a text file or stream. It is encoded at U+FEFF byte order mark (BOM). BOM use is optional, and, if used, should appear at the start of the text stream. Beyond its specific use as a byte-order indicator, the BOM character may also indicate which of the several Unicode representations the text is encoded in.[1] Because Unicode can be encoded as 16-bit or 32-bit integers, a computer receiving these encodings from arbitrary sources needs to know which byte order the integers are encoded in." - Wikipedia The FFFE appears at the start of the MBAM files but not at the start of the PROTECTION files, making the visualization of the text stream subject to the interpretation of the particular editor or reader application you are using. So, someone chose a different file open method when writing the protection files than whoever coded the writing of the mbam files (IMHO)>
  6. What are you using to read them? I didn't say I couldn't read them, I just said, there are non-printable characters and these DO NOT show up in the other logs, only the protection logs.
  7. Sorry for the duplicate post, but the forum gave me a permissions error (probably due to my less than 100 posts and I was not aware the post was successful.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion and I made that post here, but I think this is a programming error in the 4/4/2013 PRO build as the mbam-log files look OK and the protection-log files do not.
  9. Thanks, I have made that post here. However, as regards the non-printable spaces, this is probably a programming bug as the mbam-log files do not have these non-printable spaces while the protection-log files do.
  10. Hi all, I began this journey with a post about non-printable characters in the log file which I personally think is just a bug in the Malwarebytes programming as this occurs only in the IP blocking logs and not in the file scan logs. See the attachments in the post for examples. In the above discussion I was directed here as there were "many things" going on with this computer. The various log file are attached: CheckResults.txt Attach.txt DDS.txt and mbam-log-2014-02-07 (14-24-39).txt protection-log-2014-02-07.txt the response in the previous discussion was "you have some services failing as well as some PUP that need some attention" and I was directed here. I am running the PRO version build date 4/4/2013.
  11. Two minutes between posts too, eh? really? REALLY? How about preferred benefits for us paying users?
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