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  1. Muy agradecido, pbust! The steps in the link you provided worked fine and now I have the nice app icon displaying again. I just wonder why my clean installs didn't work. Please do flag the issue as solved. Saludos, Lorenzo
  2. Thanks for your quick reply! I'll try the steps in the links of your post. Saludos. Uff, por fin no no hace tanto calor por aquí.
  3. Hello, I had Mbae installed on W10. Everything was working fine until Flash Player both in IE11 and Chrome stopped working all of a sudden. I then uninstalled Flash Player with the uninstaller.exe provided by the Adobe site, and reinstalled the Adobe Flash Player utility also provided by Adobe site. After that Mbae stopped working. "Application couldn't be initiated" pop up message or alike. I did a clean uninstall of Mbae, but everytime I try to install it again, it seems to intall ok, but the app won't start. The service initiates, as I see in the Task Manager, but after a while I get the "Application couldn't be initiated" message", as mentioned above. My system doesn't seem to be infected by a "Flash exploit". Everything is working fine, no syntoms at all. I've also run Malawarebytes Anti-malaware and Windows Defender, and they haven't found any infection. Maybe there is a compatibility issue with Adobe Flash Player utility? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Lorenzo
  4. the same has just happened to me. regards, Lorenzo
  5. I've just checked the download link and the FP has been fixed. gracias Pedro.
  6. When I click on the link to download the new Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit version released on July 12, I get a warning from AV Panda Cloud Free, stating that I am about to load a web page infected with malaware or exploits... Very strange. Could this possibly be a false positive from Panda Cloud?
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