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  1. Thank you again! I clicked the CleanUp button, then rebooted as prompted. After Windows booted there were no other messages. Now there's no folder C:\_OTL\, so I guess the files are removed. Have a nice day, Nickolay
  2. Hello again, Sorry to post back with such a delay. So far the traces of the Profile Viewer seem to be gone. However I think I also have the RECYCLER malware, but there was a thread on a Bulgarian forum which described removing it with Flash_Desinfector. I guess I might try that later. Thank you again for the huge support!
  3. Hello, I turned AdBlock Plus off and so far the popping ads seem to be gone. I'll continue to monitor this and will post back if there is a problem. I could delete the moved files by OTL, couldn't I? Thank you very much! Best regards, Nickolay
  4. Hello, Here is the log: Thank you a lot for the support!
  5. And here is Extras.txt: Thank you very much for the help!
  6. Hello, I'm not pretty sure whether the file is already added to the database, but I did what You suggested. Here is the log: As far as editing my previous posts for deleting the malware links, I couldn't find any button or link for editing. Could you please point me how to execute such function? Thank you very much for the help!
  7. A small addition: this malware posted again on my Facebook and the text contains this link: http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2FIVKZVKN.TK%2F%E2%97%84&h=5AQFUgPXNAQEtR4fdOtdG3fOFRJm8QP3VjCnjj5GhxI-eHA. Hope this will be of help. Thank you!
  8. Hello, Maniac! Thank you very much for the help in advance! I deleted the original file from the hard drive, but it should have been downloaded from here: http://d2i48.tk/. However, avast now blocks this website when trying to open it now, but it didn't do that back then. I hope this is going to be of use. In between everything else, nice to meet you, I'm located in Sofia, Bulgaria, too.
  9. Hello, A family member has downloaded this executable file while browsing Facebook: Profile Viewer - 5.exe. Then has tried to run it, clicked the "Run" button when prompted by Windows 7, but nothing has seemed to happen. However, the executable has installed a program named "Update" which seems to be posting on Facebook it's download links. I removed the program via "Programs and Features" in the Control panel of Windows, but would like to scan for additional files left. One of the reasons is because Google Chrome now displays ads in the bottom left corner (something similar like here http://f
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