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  1. Done. I rarely shutdown, it sleeps mostly. I don't think power surges and updates mean a shutdown? Now wondering if the fast start setting (even from sleep was interfering with Samsung Settings (i've had issues since June. Now I know how to fix it, PIA tho)
  2. I plan to use control panel to delete. I remember years ago there was a window uninstall cleaner to use after (worked good for me) Do they still exist?
  3. I did purchase..I will get rid of PC matic 1st. Don't like it anyway.
  4. I also have a 3rd party AV. I should uninstall that before upgrading malwarebytes?
  5. I guess you can close this..Looks like the browser add on doing it's job. Ty for your help
  6. k, did all that. there was no select a threat scan button. Nothing was quaratnine. and cannot find a scan report
  7. ill try your suggestions.. the website was malwarebtyes.. (MB). I closed this tab since it was getting the popups. Then new to login but now wants email not user name. I get to this post from my history, Yes Im getting confused,, a little
  8. so i closed out this tab.. go to MB.com.. asks for email sign in... no go. I logged in earlier with user name and did a password reset (been yrs). Now it wants email sign in and doesn't work... I'm able to get back to this post from history, glad i didn't delete.
  9. hmm.. when i reloaded this page for your response, got the blocker. but other new tabs are fine
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