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  1. Just tried this myself and it's now all Green and protected. Happened just as you said...Clicked on Update and nothing was updated. Clicked to Scan, came up Failed to Initialize. Clicked Update again, then it actually updated, so I then clicked Fix Now on the Dashboard and it's came up System is Fully Protected.
  2. Same here. Everything in the program seems Enabled (Detection & Protection; Malicious Website Protection is Enabled) but it still comes up with Your System Is Not Fully Protected on the Dashboard. Databse version is v2014.10.14.03.
  3. I want to thank you very much for this advice, Fireox. I noticed that my old laptop had the same trouble as the OP (I have XP Pro SP3 also), where the real time protection for Filesystem Protection & Website Blocking was off and wasn't being enabled when I tried to start it. I didn't do what the OP done, though, as in uninstall and reinstall, and I suppose I took a chance (and a guess based on reading this thread) on it being the Terminal Service being disabled on my machine also. So, I followed your advice on entering that line and restarting my laptop. When Windows eventually loaded up, I noticed that my Malwarebytes automatically started the Filesystem Protection & Website Blocking when it loaded up and I am back up and running with full protection now. Big thumbs up to you, Firefox
  4. I concur with this and found out the hard way twice in one year. I am now up to my eyes in anti-Malware and anti-virus programs on our computer as the way I see it is that you can never bee too careful. I have MBAM, Spybot - Search & Destroy and avast! anti-virus just to name three programs that I have on our computer now. I have another couple of anti-Malware programs as well to check on things and those coupled with the anti-virus programs I think I have a pretty good set up. I LOVE MBAM by the way and is an extremely excellent program so thanks to everyone behind the scenes at MBAM
  5. OK thank you very much for letting me know
  6. I got this as well. MBAM came up with the warning about it and I quarantined the file so is it definitely a false positive and is it safe for me to just restore the file? Always afraid that if I restore it and it actually IS a virus but I'm afraid to delete it incase Windows needs it
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