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You saved my computer and I gladly bought upgrade!

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for saving my personal computer. The malicious AntiVirus XP 2008 hit my computer 2 days ago. It would not allow me to get to the Internet to figure out how to get rid of it and it was preventing me from downloading any software to fix it. Thankfully, I had my Work computer and was able to follow the manual steps (from another web site, unfortunately, I had not originally found yours yet) to get rid of it - to a point. There are so many opinions on the Internet about what is "best" that it is confusing to know what to trust or buy or do when something like this happens to the ordinary user like myself.

After the manual steps, I was now able to get to the Internet on my personal computer but the links would jump to you-know-what kind of adult sites and marketing quack sites and I was at a loss. I was scared to do much more myself and decide to seek outside help. Well, the folks at Best Buy wanted $200 to clean my computer. I asked them if there was software I could purchase or what spyware or cleaner programs they could recommend. What an idiot I was! Of course, their standard reply was, "There isn't anything. These are internal programs we have to run for you so bring in your computer". I don't think so....

They did convince me to buy Trend Micro Antivirus plus AntiSpyware 2008 but that was a waste of money ($40). I couldn't install it because when it got to the point where it had to access the Internet to download updates and registration information, whatever was still there from the virus wouldn't allow any downloads...still. It took 48 minutes to scan my computer but couldn't fix anything when it found 9 cookies. I deinstalled it. It also slowed my computer waaaay down.

Today I decided to call the computer store I originally bought the computer from in 2005. Silly me, they are out of business!

Now what? I went back to my Work laptop to do more research. I was afraid to mess with my Home computer anymore, althought I could see the 2 virus processes I had eliminated yesterday weren't there. I found your web site and IT MADE MY DAY! I was able to download the free software, run the scan, it found about 40 infected files and trojans and other nonsense in about 4 minutes, and KILLED THEM DEAD.

My flaming scary screensaver announcing I had infected files that had been left by the virus went away, my internet links went directly to the site without stopping at you-know-where sites, and I am a believer. I immediatly purchased the PRO version and had to write my thanks.

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