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Win7x64 Ultimate 7600: Explorer file/item selection

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1) Windows 7 x64 Ultimate 7600, all updates except KB971033 are installed)

2) Explorer window, many items display in any folder

3) mouse over got-focus on one item, highlights that item as selected

4) hold Ctrl key to Select another single file (or hold Shift key to Select all items between first and last)

5) move mouse-over focus to another file to Select it

6) additional items WILL NOT highlight indicating they are also selected for an action

In other words, the only way to select more than one item at the same time is setting "Use check boxes to select items" in Folder Options, View menu.

This is a bug, and is reproducible.

After uninstall of Malwarebytes anti-malware 1.46 Explorer selection works correctly.

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Windows 7 x64 Explorer will select item mouse pointer touches item.

With mouse pointer on one item, hold CTRL key, then additional items will be selected (and remain selected) when mouse pointer touches them.

When Malwarebytes is installed (full paid registration) additional items are not selected when mouse pointer touches them (sometimes, first additional is selected but no more than two).

Turning off Malwarebytes had no effect on bug. Completely uninstall Malwarebytes to return Explorer to normal behavior.

Malwarebytes option on: "Start Protection with Windows" and Protection selected from right-click on system tray icon.

u using mouse-over select or click select?
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