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False positive plus lockup in W7

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Every night sometime after 1AM, my computer displays a box that says that OCXREG32.EXE has tried to start (I don't think it did, but NOD32 might have been scanning it) and it says that it is malware (it is not: it is part of the Wise installer Wisescript Package Editor that I've used for years). One of the options on the dialog is "Ignore" so I clicked that and (after a reboot - it locked up - see below) confirmed that the same path and filename were in the ignore list in MBAM. I also unchecked the box that tells MBAM to scan every morning at 1AM but I left the update at 1AM turned on. The next day, I get the same malware warning message with the same path and filename even though the file name is in the ignore list. The computer works fine WHILE the dialog is still displayed but as soon as I click "Ignore", the dialog box disappears and the computer is completely locked up. You can move the mouse and the Windows clock keeps running but nothing else works: even Task Manager. I've already put the MBAM file exclusions into NOD32 per another thread I found here. So the problems I found seem to be three-fold:

(1) OCXREG32.EXE is a false positive - I've attached that file here.

(2) The Ignore list is not working.

(3) Clicking on that malware warning dialog causes Win7 to lock up.

Running MBAM 1.41 on Windows 7 64 bit clean install with all Windows updates. HP Pavillion m9450f computer. Not having any other issues with the computer at this time.




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Please update and confirm that this is fixed .

That was quick! Thanks. I've done the update and a new version of the database came down. I'll leave my computer on tonight and will report tomorrow. It had been getting the error every night so if it makes it through the night it should be OK.


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That may indeed have fixed the false positive but I'm still having an issue with the program. It just froze my system again while browsing the internet. It looks like whenever MBAM has an issue with an object, there is some path or combination that locks it up, preventing anything else on the system from running. While browsing and clicking on the animated radar at The Weather Channel, it locked up FireFox and after that, it prevents any new task from opening including Task Manager. Any other windows that are still open (I had Yahoo Messenger open) still work but you just cannot open any new programs. At that point, you cannot even do a shutdown and you have to pull the computer's power cord. Of course, I can't guarantee it's MBAM causing this but it never did that until I installed it. For now, I'm going to have to turn MBAM's real time protection off and just use it as an auxiliary scanner. If there's anything I can test for you, just let me know.


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